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Some thoughts on stupid things and the people who do them

What exactly does the word STUPID mean?  Officially it means to show a lack of intelligence, perception or common sense, but unofficially it means most of what takes place around us both in the world and among Christians.

There is not a day that goes by where I do not stand in awe of the stupid things people (including me) say and do.  Whether this is because of the “dumbing down” process we all have been subjected to or whether it is lack of concentration or common sense I don’t know; all I know is that the “stupid meter” is reaching an all time high.

Some things are just plain stupid like going to a football game with a painted body and no shirt when it is 10 degrees outside.  Other things are not quite so obvious like driving 80 mph in a blinding rainstorm with no lights on. 

Many times what is absolute stupidity to one person is perfectly normal to the one doing it.  For many of us, the idea of watching cars race around a track is stupid.  But, for the millions of crazed NASCAR fans it is anything but stupid.  For many the very thought of riding a roller coaster, parachuting out of an airplane, skiing down a 14,000 foot mountain or shooting the rapids of a roaring river defines STUPIDITY.  But, for those who enjoy thrills, these things are perfectly normal forms of entertainment.

I don’t much care what kinds of stupid things people do in their private lives as long as it doesn’t affect me.  But, when one person’s stupidity poses a threat to my life or property, then I feel I have a right to be upset a little bit.  This is a daily battle while driving due to the massive number of drivers who live and die doing very stupid things.

God does not want us to be stupid.  I can say that with full assurance that I am right.  God does not want us to harm or injure ourselves in vain efforts to please our senses.  God does not want us to harm or hurt anyone else while trying to bring a thrill to our flesh.  Love dictates never doing anything that would present a stumbling block to another believer.  Thus, we do not have the “right” to do as we please if it involves anyone else.

This lesson is very hard for believers to grasp.  They want to enjoy their freedom in Christ but have a difficult time understanding how abuse of such freedom is in direct violation to the guidelines of the Word of God.  This is all brought up in great detail in Romans chapter 14 for it was a problem in the First Century Church and is still a problem today.

We may not like what others do and say, but we have no right to judge them unless what is done or said either directly harms us or is in direct contradiction to the written Word of God.  I may not like it that you jump out of airplanes to ski down a 14,000 mountain never skied before; but I have no right to judge you for doing it.  It does not affect me.  But, if you come set my house on fire to appease an inner desire to see flames; I will call the sheriff and have you arrested for arson.  You do not have the legal right to do something stupid if it hurts me.