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The United States of America–The twilight of a once great nation

There was a time when if the President of the United States spoke things to the world such as have been said recently, such a President would be tried for treason and if convicted be put to death.  Of course times such as those no longer exist in the mad dash to destroy any credibility this country had remaining after the fiascos of the past twenty years.

Every President who has taken office since George Washington recites the following oath at their inauguration:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

A President is under oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  What does the Constitution say the President’s job involve.  Article II sections 2 and 3 lay out the authority and responsibilities of the President of the United States.  Anything a President does now that is not within the Constitution has either arisen through amendments, legislation, executive orders or tradition.  Herein lays the problem.

A President can fulfill his obligations as laid out in the oath of office and spelled out Article II of the Constitution and still be a traitor because so much of what a President now does is NOT spelled out in the document he is obliged to preserve, protect and defend.  Under the broad blanket of “Commander in Chief”, a President can do just about anything he wants.  Outside of an actual declaration of war, a President can command troops be sent to fight battles all over the world without Congressional approval.

Many years ago Presidents started putting more and more emphasis on “Executive Orders” and less on the specifics of what the Constitution says.  President Nixon was the first to more or less conduct the nation’s business via executive orders and most presidents since have done the same.  When a President feels he cannot get Congress to approve his requests, he can usually find a way around such a roadblock through orders and proclamations issued through his office.

When the President and the majorities of both Houses of Congress are of the same party there remains little, if anything to block the full and total passage into law of whatever is desired by that party.  Politicians who feel they are popular enough to withstand criticism or who do not face re-election for a number of years become very bold and outspoken in their plans.  When this happens, with either party in control, sweeping changes take place in American government.

President Franklin Roosevelt had this ability in the 1930’s, and he used it to enact more Federal programs and changes to American society than any president before him.  President Lyndon Johnson again had this same ability and he used it to launch his “Great Society” welfare state in the 1960’s.  Although he didn’t have control of the House of Representatives, President Ronald Reagan had enough of a mandate given to him through the election in 1980 as well as control of the Senate to push through a conservative agenda unequalled before or since.

As significant as these times in the past were, they pale in comparison to what has happened and is getting ready to happen in this country NOW.  Despite only winning the general election by a very modest amount of votes, President Obama is capitalizing on the huge majorities his party holds in Congress to totally change America once and for all.  Whether the changes being instituted are the “change we can believe in” that enchanted the multitudes during the campaign, they are coming fast and furious regardless of whether they were wanted or not.

The changes in foreign policy, monetary matters, business, moral issues, the environment and health care are huge.  These are not just little tweaks to the system; these represent a whole new system.  By the time the crown jewel of change (nationalized health care) is slammed through Congress this fall, pretty much the America we knew just a year ago will be gone with the wind.  What we will find starting in 2010 is State run health care, media, business and education.  Those who oppose will be in jeopardy of being traitors and national security risks.

American foreign policy will soon become one of total pacification.  Give everyone exactly what they want and they will leave us alone is the philosophy ruling American decisions abroad.  Doing everything possible to make the USA out to being the evil monster responsible for all the world’s woes is allowing ruthless dictators to arise and conquer helpless people in nation after nation.  To say that a country such as the USA has no right to be powerful or assert her influence on other countries (except Israel) would have been in the past cause for impeachment.

It is time to wake up and realize that the United States of America as it was only a few years ago is quietly slipping into oblivion.  The nation that is quickly arising is one lacking strength and resolve to be anything other than a spectator in world events.  The new USA may still win gold medals in the Olympics, but will have even fewer friends than now due to being perceived as an international weakling.  God help us all as we transition into this new World Order.