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The train has left the station and the wreck in right around the corner

This slow death by strangulation is too much to bear.  I would rather simply be knocked unconscious and awakened when it is all over.  I cannot stand this Chinese water torture any longer.  Why can’t they just play their trump card and end this madness?

Anyone on the Republican or conservative side knows the end is near.  The only reason their pundits keep talking so much is to make their big bucks on talk radio before it is shut down.  Can you blame them for wanting to make a few more millions before taxes take them all away?

My guess is that the powers that be are simply waiting for the official declaration of Al Franken as winner of the Minnesota Senate race before the fireworks begin.  Once the Democratic super majority is in place, the Republicans are relegated to the status of troublemakers, whiners, obstructionists and permanent minority party.

We all know what is coming , so why drag it out?  Nationalized health care, cap and trade policies for the environment, dismantling of the military, strong arm tactics against those opposing all this stuff, fairness doctrine and countless moves to legalize sin of all kinds are on the horizen.  With no one to stop all this stuff, it will shortly become law along with the nationalization of business after business and the systematic stripping of wealth from the old rich to give to the new poor.

The train has left the station and all the blockades in the world are not going to stop it.  They may temporarily slow it down, but this train won’t stop until it reaches its duly appointed station which is the turning of the United States of America into just another socialistic state under the control of the UN, the IMF and whatever other international agency that wants what is left of this once proud land.

Did you notice the Chinese have pretty well stopped buying Treasury Bonds?  If that isn’t a sure sign that the end of America as it has been known for the last century is near, I don’t know what is.  I hope you like train rides and ultimately train wrecks, for that is where we are heading very soon.