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For what purpose are we here on this earth?

I have not posted on this site for quite awhile due to physical problems which had to be addressed. Now, after spending ten days in a hospital waiting for my blood to thin enough to allow the three new stents placed in my heart to not clog up; I am finally ready to again post on this site.

I have had ample time to consider many things over the past few weeks, not the least of which is attempting to answer the greatest question anyone can ask, which is “why are we here?” If a survey were taken of 1,000 people asking them why they are on this earth, I am sure there would be little agreement on an answer. In other words, the true answer to this question lies in the individual views of the one answering the question.

For many people, the main reason they have to “carry on” is either financial or family oriented. Many times these two things are so intertwined that they become one and the same. Millions upon millions of people wake up every morning to go to work to earn a paycheck to pay the mortgage and provide food for their family. This goes on for 50 years or so and then they retire to go play with their grandchildren.

Is our purpose in this life really only to make money to in turn spend it on spouses, children or ourselves? Is this really the grand design and reason for our being? Does every child born into this world have nothing else to look forward to in this life than 12 years of school (or 16 or more), 50 years of work and a few years of golf before the wheels fall off physically? Is the greatest reward to be earned in this life really only a nice house and a big family?

For the vast majority of this world’s population, there is really nothing else to explain life than the daily ordeal of doing what is needed to survive. Those of us living in the superficial prosperity of the West fail to understand that billions of people wake up each day not knowing for sure where the means will come from to live another day. Truly the biggest motivation for most people to live is the will to survive. That is why in many countries and cultures those who are weak are quickly forgotten and left to die.

The great scheme currently being promoted is one of “spreading the wealth around”. Through socialism and communism, the idea is to take from the rich and give to the poor thus creating a level playing field for everyone. Of course this sounds fantastic to those at the bottom of the socio-economic pile but for those at the top, it is the worst of all scenarios.

Whether it is right to force those who have succeeded in making a lot of money to share it with those who have not is open to debate. If those with the means would simply give to those who don’t, then there would be no problem. But, those with the means many times hoard what they have and not do not share but continue to get more and more. Yet, is the answer really to tax or otherwise force those who have an abundance to subsidize those who have little?

The only fair and equitable way of collecting money to run a government of other organization is to impose the same flat rate on everyone the way sales tax does today. If everyone paid the same rate, then no one could claim they are being singled out to give more than anyone else. If everyone had to pay 8% of their income in taxes, then the playing ground would be level for all.

What difference does it make to tell the wealthy to pay 35% of their income and then allow shelters and other ways for them to hide their assets so they end up paying less than many at the 15% rate? Why not simply tell everyone they must pay a set percentage of their income and provide no shelters or credits or other silly ways to provide escape routes for those who can afford good accountants or attorneys to find them.

No one likes paying sales tax, but as long as everyone has to pay it, then one can complain that much. Those who make little buy little and pay little in tax. Those who make much, buy much and pay much in sales tax. Certainly the sales tax on a 5 million dollar yacht is just as much of a burden to the one with the means as the sales tax on a 50 dollar item is to those without.

There must obviously be something greater to account for life than just making a living. That purpose is of course, in my mind, to love God and share His love with others. Herein lies the great reason for drawing breath. All else is vanity and shortsighted to say the least.