THE Word of God

I am and remain absolutely committed to the integrity of the Word of God. What God has said in His Word is the truth as far as I am concerned. All things must be measured according to the standard set in God’s Word. Anything that contradicts, belittles or compromises the integrity of what God has said in His Word is nothing more than personal opinions, myths and flat out lies
I believe there are many things not recorded in God’s Word, for as Jesus said, if they were there would not be enough books on earth to hold it all. But, what IS written in the Word of God is in fact the will of God revealed for all to see and live by. In other words, I believe that it is possible for God to speak His Word outside of what is written, but that which is written is absolutely the Word of God.

Over my lifetime, I have witnessed the degrading and diminishing of the influence of the Word of God both culturally as well as within the church. The Word of God has been taken out of day by day living and except for an occasional “fish sign” or cross, there are few things in our culture that are Godly. Television, movies, books, music and art have all been scrubbed references to the one true God, His Son Jesus Christ and His glorious Word from their material.

Within the church there has been a slow erosion of respect for and proclamation of the living Word of God. Very few people still bring their Bible to church anymore. Sure there are huge screens with the verses on them, but those screens will never replace the feel of having God’s Word in your hands. In far too many cases, the church has chosen to de-emphasize and water down the Word of God so as to not offend anyone. By doing this, they succeed in offending God.

The Word of God is not just another book on the shelf. The Word of God is not a nice collection of stories that provide fodder for some new television series. The Word of God is in fact the revelation of everything that is important to God in relation to His will for us. If we desire to know the will of God we must know and understand His Word for therein is His eternal will revealed.

Do I worship the Bible? God forbid. Do I think the Bible is more important that Jesus Christ? God forbid. Do I think the Bible is infallible? God forbid. Do I believe the WORD OF GOD is perfect? Absolutely and undeniably.

I have devoted more than two thirds of my life to learning, speaking and living God’s Word. There is no way to remove the Word of God from my life for it is as much a part of me as my heart, brain or blood. I am not ashamed of these things but rather I thank God that in these uncertain times, I have the rock of truth to not only hold onto but to nourish and sustain me.


2 Responses to “THE Word of God”

  1. June 21, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    Hummm êtes vous sûr de ce que vous dites ??

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