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By His stripes we are healed

Jesus Christ knew the scriptures so He knew what was coming in during the final hours of His life on earth. Jesus not only knew of His impending crucifixion but also His betrayal, mock trials, beatings and humiliation. After Jesus prayed earnestly in the Garden and accepted the will of God, he was immediately apprehended by the Jewish guards and led on the most gruesome journey known to man.

Everything Jesus endured was necessary for our redemption to be complete. As the perfect Lamb of God, Jesus’ sacrifice was far more than just His death; it involved receiving the full measure of retribution for Adam’s sin and the consequences of that sin. The road to our redemption was indeed the most difficult of any in all of history.

It is beyond our mind’s ability to comprehend what Jesus went through on our behalf. Not only did he suffer unbelievable physical torture through beatings, whippings, scourging etc; Jesus also suffered every imaginable form of mental and emotional humiliation known to man. This humiliation went far beyond being mocked and scorned but involved things said and done that emasculated Him and made Him feel less than human.

The body and mind of our Savior were mangled beyond recognition and so maligned that the Son of God was reduced to a bleeding, bruised and broken frame of a man. Jesus had to receive every form of punishment imaginable in order to be our Savior. Jesus had to be treated as the worst criminal in order to redeem us.

The devil knew he could not kill Jesus but he honestly thought he could break him and cause him to quit. All the devious torture Jesus was put through was designed to so wear Him down that He would give up tell the Father “I cannot do this”. With each crack of the whip and with each new form of physical abuse, the devil honestly believed he could break Jesus’ decision to do the Father’s will.

Isaiah 53:5 tells us why Jesus had to go through all of this in order to be our Redeemer and Savior:

“ But He was wounded for our transgressions; He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed”

In order to be healed of the curse of Adam’s transgression, Jesus had to receive the full extent of that curse which is why He had to endure the breaking of His body. Just as Jesus’ shed blood was needed for the remission of our sins, so His broken body was necessary for our healing from the consequences of sin.

As we eat the bread of communion, we are remembering all the pain and humiliation Jesus went through on our behalf. Jesus did this so we would not have to. In many respects, the broken body of Jesus represents the healing of our guilt and shame while His shed blood represents the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

Everything Jesus experienced defines agony, pain and humiliation. The perfect Son of God endured this by taking our place. Jesus willingly laid down his life, not only in death but in everything leading up to it. He did all this for us so that through his wounds, bruises, abuse and stripes we can be healed of every internal and external consequence of sin.