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Not my will but thine be done

Jesus Christ was not only a “good” man but the one and only “perfect” man who ever lived. If there ever was a man who deserved to never die because of his sin, it was Jesus Christ. He always did His Father’s will yet He willingly humbled Himself to the point of giving His life for us. Even Jesus (because He was a man) had to deal with the emotions which welled up inside of Him the night before He was apprehended.

As Jesus prayed in the garden at Gethsemane, He was facing the same battle many of us face daily. He knew what the will of God was, but He was having a difficult time accepting it for it was not pleasant. Jesus knew what was coming for it was written in the Old Testament. He knew that He would be so abused, beaten, humiliated and scourged that He would not even look like a human being. Jesus knew that pain beyond a man’s ability to bear was His lot. Jesus knew that to survive, He would have to muster every ounce of trust in God and not give in to the temptation to die before His time.

As Jesus wrestled with this, the Bible says that He sweat great drops of blood. Medically this is indeed possible and indicates the absolute utmost of passion and struggle. Jesus knew who He was and what He had to do but the battle raged within Him as He came to the point of allowing Himself to go through what He did in order to be our Savior.

Hebrews 12 tells us that the only way Jesus was able to endure everything that happened to Him was that He fixed His mind on the JOY that was set before Him. Because He knew that God would raise Him from the dead with eternal life, He was able to endure and not give in to the overwhelming desire to die. If Jesus would have died any time before He did, the devil would have won and our redemption would have been incomplete.

Jesus knew that our redemption was at stake and that somehow He must endure everything that was coming. Jesus knew what the Father’s will entailed and He wanted to do it. But, as the Father revealed to Jesus the details of what was coming, even the greatest man who ever lived wavered and had to struggle with the desire to live His life vs the calling of God to endure and die.

In due time, Jesus came to the point where He said; “Not my will but thine be done”. Jesus did indeed suffer every pain known to man so that He could redeem us. Jesus did indeed have to go through torture, humiliation and excruciating agony. Yet, Jesus never complained or cried out “why me?” Because the battle ended when He prayed, He was able to endure and thus able to pay the price for our sins and open the door to our salvation.

Are we willing to lay down our selfish pride and foolish desires at the feet of Jesus? Are we willing to do whatever God’s will entails in our lives or just what lines up with our will? Are we willing to endure whatever comes our way because of the joy that is set before us? Are we willing to emulate our Savior and reach the point we lay down what we want and gladly accept what He wants?

Herein is not only the key to our redemption but the key to our ability to walk in the fullness of whatever God has called us to do and be in this life. Every day in every situation that arises, we must wrestle within ourselves to reach the point where we can honestly say to our Father in heaven; “not my will, but thine be done”.