Are we really ready for what is coming or just say we are?

Every day, everywhere and in every way, everyone who dares to profess what the Bible says is truth is considered more and more of a freak or a dangerous renegade. It seems as though our culture drifts farther away from God’s commands daily. Every day it is getting harder to remain faithful and not give in or give up.

Most days, I find myself feeling like Lot as I look around at what is happening in our “civilized” society. My soul is vexed because of the evil surrounding us. Laws are passed and upheld that condone or promote behavior contrary to what God’s Word advocates. Things appear on television and movies that glorify the most sordid and contemptible behavior man is capable of producing.

We know that in due time Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God because they had crossed the line He had drawn in the sand. We know that God wiped out Israel and Judah many times because they wholly gave themselves to worshipping idols while totally forsaking the God who had saved and blessed them. There is little question the same could be said of most western countries today.

The erosion of morality, spirituality and true Christianity has turned western civilizations into cesspools of sin and iniquity overrun by powerful people immune from the very laws they pass. With each day, those who are morally corrupt and spiritually abhorrent gain more and more power and influence. With each passing day, those who dare to stand upon the written and revealed Word of God are getting closer and closer to being actively defamed, persecuted and destroyed.

We say that we would gladly give up everything, including our very lives and families, for God; but would we, or would we be as Peter and deny we even know the Lord? We say that we rejoice in the evil overtaking the world for it means the Lord will be returning soon. But, are we really ready for what that means in a practical as well as spiritual sense?

Most of us are very good at sitting back in our spiritual easy chairs proclaiming our undying allegiance to our God. Most of us are very adept at staying out of the crosshairs of zealots and revolutionaries, but unfortunately, we are also adept at lurking in the shadows of proclaiming the truth. Unless we are willing to lose EVERYTHING we own, possess and call dear to our hearts for the sake of the Lord, how can we really proclaim we are totally His?

I feel that any day we will awake to news that indicates the worst of times is commencing. I fear that most of us will cower in fear when that day comes instead of boldly remaining faithful as we say we will do. I believe the Lord has already started the winnowing process that will sift out those who are committed in word only. I believe, with all of my heart that we who remain faithful will SOON see our Lord face to face, whether in death or at His return. Are we ready for what is coming or too comfortable in our present lives to care?


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