The three-headed monster of envy, lust and jealousy

I was reading this morning about the uptick in brutal killings in Papua New Guinea. This backwards country that is heavily influenced by black magic and other primitive forms of evil has seen a rise in attacks on people who have broken free from generational bondage and taken on normal lives with jobs and permanent housing. Evidently those who do not have such “luxuries” are offended by this and take it upon themselves to destroy those who have what they want but don’t have.

Once again I am struck by the reality that the vast majority of people in this world have no clue what prosperity, stability and civilized behavior mean. Locked in cultures rife with anger and feeding upon every vile and barbaric tendency in man, these people have nothing to live for outside of self preservation and/or fulfilling the base lusts of their heart.

Starting with Cain and continuing unto this day, people who do not know or love God resort to violence when confronted with either envy or jealousy in their lives. If someone wants what another has, they simply steal it or kill the person to get it. If someone is jealous, they simply get rid of the person they believe is trying to steal something they love.

Envy has always been known as the “green eyed monster” because it arouses in people a motivation that many times ends in a violent attempt to get what they want. Jealously is very similar to envy except it specifically refers to the perceived belief someone is trying to steal something deeply loved and cherished. Both of these things are dangerous and lead to hideous crimes especially when mixed with hatred or desire for absolute power.

Envy for what is not yours, lust for what you want and jealously that someone is trying to steal what is yours all add fuel to the fire of anger that erupts in violence many times. Obviously, these three things are not only undesirable traits in a Christian, they are specifically singled out by God in both the Old and New Testaments as things that absolutely must be avoided and corrected in a person’s life.

What could possibly motivate a person to violently attack another person without provocation? More times than not, the motivations are envy, lust or jealousy. These “passions of infamy” turn people into monsters who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Without question, things like envy, lust and jealousy must be eliminated in a Christian’s mind and heart because they hold the potential to harm others. One of the reasons God gives such specific instructions in Ephesians 4 about stealing is that simple stealing leads to envy and lust which usually end up violently hurting someone.

Envy, covetousness, lust, greed, jealousy etc are all things that must be rooted out and eliminated in our lives. There is absolutely no place for these destructive things within the Body of Christ. Love dictates that we never allow ourselves to fall prey to the vicious attributes of the enemy but rather rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ and instead put on the new man which is created in righteousness and true holiness.


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