Is yourr strength, contentment, security and life hidden in God or dependent upon this world?

What if, contrary to what the “experts” are telling us, there is NOT a gigantic economic recovery just around the corner but instead another recession? What if, contrary to the wishes of most, terrible conflicts break out in distant lands and unfathomable acts of terrorism impact our home countries? What if, contrary to what our heart cries out for, instead of entering a time of peace and safety we embark on a period of conflict, crime and chaos?

You and I do not make the decisions that influence our daily lives. We do not sit in positions of power and make the hard choices that directly or indirectly impact billions of people. We are not privy to super classified intelligence, up to the second data or access to every piece of information available on everything and everyone everywhere.

Unlike our counterparts in the world, we do not have to fret, become angry or look for a cave to dwell in. Unlike our counterparts in the world, we do not have to spend our days biting our nails, nervously pacing the floor or frantically making calls all over the world in a vain attempt to protect assets, preserve nest eggs or seek asylum from perceived threats.

The only way to stay calm in this very unsettling world is to pretty much ignore it. Our trust is in the Lord and NOT in our employer, our bank accounts, government programs etc. Our trust financially and in every other realm must be in the Lord even if that demands living in a box and eating insects. Since when does it take our insanely high standard of living to enjoy the blessings of God?

The enemy has convinced the world, and most believers also, that the more abundant life promised by Jesus deals with earthly wealth, comfortable homes, nice cars and every high tech toy invented. When these things are taken from us we act like a child who has his favorite toy taken away. Worse yet, we have become so comfortable and accustomed to our lifestyles that I fear we could not survive without them.

Whether it happens today, next month or years from now; there is a day coming (because God says so in His Word) when this world is going to fall apart and the greed, pride, anger, lust and unbridled hunger for power of people in this world will rip apart the pleasant utopia we have all come to know and enjoy. This is why we must diligently strive to cut the strings to this world and utterly put our confidence and trust in God and His ability to provide for us.

What if we had no way to access the internet? Most of us conduct business via the internet, communicate via the internet and store every bit of information about our lives, families, finances etc on the internet. It is very humbling to consider how utterly helpless most of us would be without the internet. Is it a good thing to tie our very existence to something that could be shut off with the flip of a switch?

The internet has made us all very lazy and very subtly taken away our ability to survive and prosper without it. In its own way, the internet has almost replaced God in many categories for many people. I pray that we enjoy the convenience of the internet but never become totally dependent upon it. I pray that we appreciate the wealth of information available on the internet but never become so tied to it that we cannot live without it.


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