Is your heart 4 sale to the highest bidder?

I recently read a story about a famous NFL player who is now my age. He has had 14 operations on his right knee. His right leg is 3 inches shorter than his left leg. To make matters worse, he is uninsured and his former team who he played with for 12 years refuses to help pay his bills. He has paid $500,000 in medical bills out of his own pocket.

I mention this secular story only because it serves to illustrate the futility of earthly fame and the fleeting nature of worldly wealth. When a person sells his body, heart or mind to anyone or anything other than God, they may reap the temporal benefits promised to them but in the end, they will languish in pain, anger and regret when they finally realize it was all for naught.

Anyone who plays professional sports has sold their body to the entertainment kings who dangle outrageous sums of money to entice people to devote the best years of their lives to training, grueling schedules, injury, rehabilitation and ultimately inglorious retirement. Anyone who works 70 hours per week at any profession, at the expense of their family and fellowship with God, has sold their lives to the highest bidder and in due time they will wake up one day and realize it was not worth it.

The Bible says to guard your heart above all things. NEVER allow anyone to entice, deceive, enslave or purchase your heart. When we get saved, we made the commitment to give the Lord Jesus Christ our heart, mind and soul. This is what it means to confess with our mouths that Jesus is LORD. How then, if Jesus is really our Lord, can we willingly allow our heart to be stolen or given away to anyone or anything other than God?

Of course we are to work hard in this life for the Bible says to do so. Of course we are to love our spouse, children, parents and each other for the Bible says to do so. Of course we are to willingly give of our heart as we manifest God’s love for the Bible says to do so. But, the Bible never says to give away your heart or allow anyone to purchase it.

In a million different ways, the question we must always ask ourselves when confronted with anything that demands our heart’s allegiance is; is it worth it. No amount of money, fame or pleasure could ever compensate for the shame, guilt, disgust and condemnation that will come with selling out to anyone besides God.

As for me and my household, long ago we placed a “NOT FOR SALE” sign on our hearts. We cannot be bought, bribed, threatened or enticed into comprising our allegiance to God. The question I pose today is very simple: Are you for sale or have you been bought with a price and therefore belong to God alone?


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