Resolving apparant contradictions in Scripture

I have so many Biblical research books in my possession it astounds me. I have highly technical Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek books (which ironic since I don’t know any of those languages beyond a casual acquaintance). I have numerous concordances, lexicons and more translations of the Bible than I can remember. I have commentaries, dictionaries and books that deal with grammar and syntax.

Why do I have all these books? Because at different times in my life the hunger to fully understand the Word of God was so strong it surpassed the financial logic which would normally deter a person from spending the amount of money these books cost to purchase. Why do I have all these books? Because of my dogged determination to locate and eradicate any and all apparent contradictions in the Bible as well as my burning desire to know, understand and comprehend the length, depth, breadth and height of God and His love expressed through His Son Jesus Christ.

I am NOT a scholar and I am definitely not a theologian. I have only an Associate of Theology degree and lack the intellectual and technical skills to be anything more than an “ignorant and unlearned” man who desires only to see how the whole Word of God fits together and the specifics of what pertains to us today so I can be and do my best for my Lord and my God.

I believe with every fiber of my heart that THE WORD OF GOD is perfect. I believe that THE WORD OF GOD is inspired by God (literally “God breathed”) and is the manifestation of God’s will for mankind and for His people. I believe that Jesus Christ was THE WORD OF GOD in the flesh and the written Word is THE WORD OF GOD in written form. Both are the logos which is simply THE WORD OF GOD.

What we have in the King James Version, NIV, NLV or any other translation or version of the Bible is NOT perfect. The original God breathed WORD OF GOD is that which has no contradictions. Where is this WORD OF GOD? I believe it is found in ancient texts that were written thousands of years ago by holy men as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.

Over time, as scribes copied and translated THE WORD OF GOD, mistakes crept in and errors in translations began to appear. I believe that any and all apparent contradictions in the Bible are due to either wrong translation from the original language or problems with our understanding. I further believe that if we can research the Bible through trying to get back to the original (in both language and understanding), we can come close to finding that perfect WORD OF GOD.

Unfortunately, there have been occasions when scribes altered the original text and either by mistake or deliberate forgery, altered what the Word of God appears to say and mean. I can think of numerous times the translators of the King James Version translated a Greek incorrectly and in so doing, dramatically altered the understanding of a verse or theology as a whole.

Although I no longer spend much time researching the Bible, I still occasionally will pull out the books and seek to track down an obvious mistake in translation or get a better understanding of a word or concept found in a verse or chapter. To me, this is part of being a good workman of the Word of God. To me, this is what it takes to search the Scriptures to see if these things are so, as the Berean believers did in Acts.

In conclusion let me say that although I fully understand the critical remarks made about me not believing the whole Word of God is THE WORD OF GOD, it still hurts me because of the nearly 45 years I have spent trying to understand and apply the principles that allow the truth of THE WORD OF GOD to speak loud and clear. Perhaps if you keep reading these blogs you will see what a daunting task it is to honestly research and understand the whole WORD OF GOD.

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