How committed to our Christian faith are we–really?

Is the Word of God really the truth? This is the question we must ask ourselves every time a situation arises that challenges our professed faith in God and commitment to obey and follow His Son Jesus Christ. It is not enough to mouth the words “I believe”, for anyone (including demons) can do that. The only way to prove our faith and loyalty is to put our faith on the line through taking God at His Word.

For lucky Christians who walk around with a big smile plastered on their face and nary a care in the world to bother them; it is easy to forget how difficult it is to stay faithful in the face of adversity. For those Christians who only know how to preach, hellfire and damnation to anyone who disagrees with them; it is easy to lose touch with the reality of life in the real world and how hard it is to grab hold of the truth and never let go.

I can say with absolute certainty that the only reason I am still standing for God is because of my conviction that the Word of God (as expressed in His Son and through His written Word) is true no matter what things look like, how I feel or what is going on in my family, finances or faith. I refuse to yield to the temptation to blame God for bad things that happen to me. I refuse to believe the Word of God could be wrong.

The temptation to compromise the truth in the heat of battle is huge. When the executioner says he will spare your life if you renounce your faith, the temptation to compromise is overwhelming for your life is at stake. When your spouse or children threaten to not leave if you soften your stance on matters, the temptation to compromise is overwhelming for your family is at stake. When your employer threatens to terminate you if you wear a cross or refuse to lie, the temptation to compromise is overwhelming for your livelihood is at stake.

Deep within our hearts, each one of us has to decide what we really believe and how much do we believe it. From this belief will grow either a flimsy faith that is easily shaken and quickly discarded when trouble arises or a firm faith that the devil himself cannot break. The degree of conviction in our hearts is a personal matter between us and God. But, each one of us must establish the boundaries and limits of our faith. No one can do this for us.

How important is your personal faith in God? The answer to this question lies in how much you are willing to sacrifice for your faith. Ultimately, the level of our faith and conviction comes down to how deeply we believe that God is faithful, His Son Jesus Christ is LORD and His written Word is true. Unless we are WILLING to climb in the fiery furnace, get out of the boat, stand up to Goliath or spend 40 years wandering in the wilderness; how can we say our faith is strong?

Unless we are WILLING to give up everything to follow our Lord, lose our friends and family to stand on the truth or live in a tent eating locusts; how can we say we really believe the Word of God is true? Our willingness to believe is determined by the degree of faith in our hearts that God is faithful, Jesus is LORD and the written Word of God is true. Are we willing to put everything on the line for the truth?

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