Scientific “truth” vs the Word of God

It is mind boggling how the most simple and fundamental truths can get so twisted and turned around that they become nothing but a complicated and worthless mess. It is truly incredible how over time, an outright affront to the truth can become the accepted truth. It is amazing how something that starts as either heresy or fantasy over time becomes the truth and the real truth becomes heresy or fantasy.

For thousands of years there was little dispute regarding what is recorded in the first few chapters of Genesis as being the truth. No one thought anything other than what was written by Moses to be true. People did disagree about matters of the law etc but no one had any problem with the idea that God created everything we see and know in 6 days because He is GOD.

Starting with Sir Isaac Newton, scientists decided they had a better explanation for creation than what is recorded in Genesis. By the time Darwin published his work on evolution the scientific world had pretty much decided that the record in Genesis was a myth and set out to prove their hypothesis that the world was formed millions of years ago and humans evolved from one cell amoebas.

“Religious people” put up a fight for a season but over time, the scientific community funded by huge government and educational grants relentlessly pounded away at the so-called “Genesis myth” and replaced it with what is now universally accepted as true science. The truth, as it is taught in every secular educational facility, is that there were eras in the earth’s history that go back millions of years. The very acceptance of this as truth immediately relegates what the Bible records in Genesis to nothing more than what is found in mythology and other fables.

With each passing day, the integrity of the Word of God comes under greater scrutiny and attack. Anyone standing firm on what the Bible says is ridiculed as being ignorant, brainwashed or naïve. The “smart people” (intellectuals) have proven that the Bible is wrong and science is right. The vast majority of people follow these so-called scientists as if they were prophets of God.

Either the Word of God is true or it is a lie. There is no middle ground. If the Word of God cannot be trusted as the truth, then it cannot be trusted to be anything more than a “good book”. Each person must make up their own mind and decide if the Word of God is true or what man says, in all of his intellectual elitism, is true. A person cannot throw out Genesis but accept Psalms because they make them feel good. Either the Word of God is true or it is not.

How God pulled off what is recorded in Genesis 1 and 2 is unbelievable to humans but as easy as baking a pie to God, for HE IS GOD. When people lower God to their level He becomes weak and feeble. That is why we must rise up to God’s level and accept His power, wisdom and might. If we do, then what is recorded in His Word is not only feasible but TRUE.

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