Pour out your heart to God

We watched a sweet movie last night about a young boy battling cancer and the difference his faith made in many people. Although the movie “Letters to God” was not perfect, the message in the movie was; open your heart and talk to God. It is truly profound how something so simple has been lost in our culture.

Whether because of ignorance, fear, anger, pride or laziness; most people have a real problem opening up to God. I believe this is why so many Christians hide behind formal prayers, because there is nothing personal in them. I can guarantee you that simply reciting a “canned” prayer is not God’s idea of communication and fellowship.

The Psalms encourage us to pour out our heart before God. Certainly part of the reason the Psalms are in the Bible is to show us the struggles David and others had as they sought to understand what was happening to them and why it was happening. At first glance it would appear that David doubted God many times, but in reality he was simply pouring out his heart to God as he begged Him for answers.

Haven’t we all been in situations where we feel like the walls are closing in around us and there is no way out? Haven’t we all been beat up by one thing after another and feel (and look) like Rocky Balboa being slaughtered by Clubber Lang? Haven’t we all found ourselves pounding on the wall in anger because we don’t understand why someone is sick, has died, lost their job, got divorced, etc?

Contrary to popular belief, life at times can be very difficult. Contrary to what many Christians teach, I do not believe we have some magic wand that makes all of our problems instantly vanish. Contrary to the fantasy world many Christians try to live in, the real world is full of ugly situations and ugly people that need God’s guidance to understand and handle.

I have talked to wavering Christians innumerable times over the years. The vast majority of these people were weak in the faith because the fairy tale life they had been promised either never happened or fell apart. Disillusionment is the disappointment caused by a frustrated ideal or belief. Nothing causes Christians to stumble and fall away from God more than becoming disillusioned with or by their lack of faith or inability to understand difficult situations.

There is not a soul on earth who can explain why certain things happen to certain people at certain times. Yet, Christians become very frustrated and angry when they see what they believe is an unjust God hurting or ignoring them and their family. When the magic wand fails to work, they grow disillusioned and move on to something else besides religion.

Those who have withstood everything hurled at them in this life are those who have a deep and strong relationship with God. If it has been awhile since you poured out your heart to God, I urge you to make a date with your prayer closet and roll your heart and all that is within it over to the God who called you and loves you dearly.


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