God has no hands but our hands

When we say that we believe God will “take care of us”, what are we saying? Are we implying that God will personally step out of heaven to feed us grapes and massage our feet? Are we saying that Almighty God will reach into His wallet and drop a few hundred dollar bills hoping they land in our yard instead of our neighbor’s?

There is an old saying that speaks of “God helping those who help themselves”. What on earth is this implying? Does God only help those who are physically and mentally able to work 70 hours per week? Does God turn His back on anyone, who for any reason cannot take care of themselves?

Seven years ago I visited the destruction in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama from Hurricane Katrina. After being moved to tears by both the destruction of property and the misery of God’s people (9 months after the tragedy), I started talking to church groups, friends, associates and pretty much anyone I knew about what was needed and how they could help. The responses I received sum up the various attitudes manifested within Christianity toward those in need.

I heard many times that these people must have been horrible sinners and the destruction was God’s way of punishing them. In light of this, they would never consider helping if their life depended on it. For the remainder of my earthly life I split with some people I had known for 35 years over their callused and ugly attitude toward the suffering and persecuted Church.

I heard many times that those “lazy” people down south needed to start helping themselves so GOD could help them. These sanctimonious hypocrites looked down their self-righteous noses at the broken people and considered themselves too good to help those who had lost everything and/or were caught in the maze of red tape trying to get back on their feet.

There were many people who gave me a few dollars with the stipulation I use it to buy water or other “vital necessities”. This response was based on the inherent mistrust of anyone asking for donations to any cause. I understand this response but what if the request was legitimate? These people have no problem dumping large sums of money in their church collection plate (not knowing what it is used for) but cannot bring themselves to give otherwise.

There were MANY people who had a heart to give but lacked the resources. Bless these people’s hearts for they many times rounded up tons of clothes, appliances and other needed supplies. I filled many trucks with things donated by people who did not have the cash to give. These people, along with those who had the means to share and DID, allowed me to help for a season.

Within a few months the donations stopped and so did my little dream of reaching out to my Christian brothers and sisters whose pain caused me such pain. The last person I tried to get to help entailed me driving across the country at my expense. I stayed in his million dollar house and we talked for hours about all this. In the end, all I received was a couple of nice meals and the words; “almost thou persuadest me to help you”.

God has no hands by which to feed His people bread. God has no feet but our feet to walk among the almost dead. We say that we are His and He is ours. Deeds are the proof of this, not words, and these are the proving hours.


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  1. August 12, 2014 at 5:46 am

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