Is your relationship with God religious or real?

A person’s relationship with God is extremely personal. In fact, it is the most personal relationship we will ever have in this life. The true measure of a person’s faith is directly related to their relationship with God. It can be said that the deeper one’s relationship is with God, the more fulfilling and greater their life will be.

Every day, people all over the world pray to their god. Many of these prayers are ritualistic in nature and reflect nothing of the person’s heart who is praying them. These prayers make a person look religious but lack the personal aspect that separates religion from true Christianity. In fact, the word “godliness” takes this into account.

Despite what secular dictionaries may say, godliness should be viewed as a real, true and vital spiritual relationship with God that sits in direct opposition to religion. Just because a person looks religious and can recite countless prayers from memory does not guarantee they have a vital spiritual relationship with God.

A successful relationship of any kind takes open and honest communication by both parties involved. Unfortunately, when it comes to people’s relationship with God, most think it is all about them talking TO God instead of talking WITH God (and God WITH them).

Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth longs for His children to open their hearts before Him while allowing Him to minister to them. Almighty God, who is Holy and to be revered, wants us to acknowledge His greatness yet bask in His love and goodness.

When we pray, we must not only talk to God but we must allow Him to talk to us. We must not only share our hearts with Him but we must open our hearts to Him and allow them to be filled by Him. A young child tends to prattle on and on when talking to an adult about all the things they did and want to do. An older child tends to say very little and only pretends to listen.

Somewhere between these two extremes lies the state that defines what a real, true and vital spiritual relationship with God really is. God desires that we talk openly to Him as our Father but He also desires that we be quiet and listen to what He has to say to us as our God. If we do all the talking we have no time to listen. If we do all the listening what is said rarely is understood or heeded.

There is a song that came out a few years ago that in my mind sums up the point of this blog. If you have a few minutes, I believe this song will bless your life even if you have heard it (like me) countless times.


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