What has God called you to do in this life?

I used to wish I could change the world, be the cool dude riding in on his white horse to save the day and be the one everyone adored and looked up to. Then I realized that Jesus Christ is He who is all of these things and not me. Once I understood His place, my place was quickly established and the peace which comes with humility engulfed my life.

I am content to do what I can do for my Lord. I no longer care to be someone I am not or condemn myself for not doing what I am incapable of doing. I have come to grips with who God has made me and what He wants me to do for Him in this life. With this contentment comes peace and with this peace comes joy.

It is so easy to get caught up in thinking we are supposed to do everything everyone else does for Christ. It is so easy to belittle and degrade what we feel is our calling when compared to the high and mighty calling of others. It is so easy to sink into a state of spiritual despair when family, financial or physical situations prohibit us from embarking on global missionary trips, becoming missionaries or joining every group the church has to offer.

Each one of us has a calling in this life and once we establish what that calling is, we find great peace and comfort as we fulfill it. I have come to learn that no two people have the exact same calling. There may be great similarities among people, but each one of us has a particular thing God has given us the ability to perform and the desire to do.

Attending church, singing in the choir, going on mission trips etc are not so much a calling but rather part of the Christian walk. Our calling entails doing what God enabled us to do and opened doors for us to do it. Just as our calling to be children of God blessed with eternal life is sure, so our individual calling is a blessing from God and verified by Him.

I have learned that my calling in this life is not set in stone but may change with time. What I feel was my calling 40 years ago is far different than what I believe my calling is today. Whatever God wants of us constitutes His calling in our lives at a particular time and place.

I am deeply thankful that God has called me to write simple and anonymous blogs, reach out to others one person at a time and pray for a small family of believers faithfully. There is nothing glamorous in this calling but there is something deeply fulfilling about it.

What is your calling? Is it to be a mother, prayer warrior, “big brother or sister”, teacher, blogger, writer, servant or counselor? Whatever it is, I pray God reveals it to you in such a way you can understand and that you accept it so as to receive the contentment, peace and joy that comes with knowing what you are here for and doing it.


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