Proving our love and devotion for God and His Son Jesus Christ

Grace greater than all my sin. Mercy stronger than all my guilt. Love deeper than all my doubts.

When I consider all my Savior did when dying on that tree, I know that He did pay the price and from my sin set me free. But beyond those simple truths we know, there was something bigger that God did show. For through giving His Son for all of us, God proved for all eternity He really is the God of love.

When Jesus cried out “Why has Thou forsaken me”, the Father’s heart broke for He never left His Son’s side. With everything in Him, God wanted to reach down and pull His Son off that cross, bind up His wounds and hold Him tight. But, as deeply as God desired to do this, both He and His Son knew that if He did, it would keep man unredeemed and eternally separated from God.

I pray that we never, as long as we live, diminish or lose sight of the abounding and unfathomable love of God manifested through everything He allowed His Son to go through. I pray that we always remember and grow daily in our appreciation of the amazing and incredible love manifested by our Savior Jesus Christ as He willingly laid down His life for those who hated and doubted Him.

To say “thank you” is far too shallow of an expression from our hearts toward the God who so loved that He gave. To say “love you” is far too flippant of a way to express how we feel about all God has done for us. To say that Jesus is our “bff” is paramount to blowing off everything He did for us.

Deep within our souls should be the cry “Abba Father” as we bow down in humble adoration for His grace, mercy and love toward us. Deep within our hearts should be the yearning to live our lives to the praise of HIS glory so as to PROVE our gratitude and love for our Lord and Savior.

Simply reciting a liturgy does not prove a person even knows God let alone loves Him. Showing up for services or singing hymns does not prove a person is devoted to God. Wearing a cross or passing out tracts does not prove a person is committed to the God who saved them.

The only way we can PROVE we love, adore, are devoted and fully committed to our Lord is through giving our lives to Him and allowing Him to work through our lives to bless others. If we hold fast to our lives as our own, we only prove that although we may know who God is, we do not belong to Him. It is only through reaching the point where our life is not our own, because we know we have been bought with a price, that we are able to PROVE that Jesus did not give His life in vain.


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