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Who and what is my God?

My God is many things, but He is NOT mean. My God is mighty and to be revered, but He is NOT to be feared as the tyrant some make Him out to be. My God is awesome and His power and might are truly great, but He never usurps man’s freedom of will just because He can.

My God respects His creation and although His creation rejects Him and even mocks Him; He holds His tongue and withholds His wrath until the time that is coming. My God does not walk around heaven with a big stick smiting everyone who sins or even thinks a bad thought.

My God is righteous in all His ways but not a judgmental tyrant. My God is good but He is not hypocritical. My God is perfect but He does not demand perfection from His creation. My God is beautiful but never conceited or puffed up with pride or arrogance.

My God is the creator of all that is but He is still willing to help a downtrodden person who calls out to Him. My God is Almighty for there is none higher than He, but He is still willing to listen to the simple requests of one of His dear and precious children.

My God is patient, longsuffering and able to put up with His people neglecting and forgetting Him. My God is tender, kind and loving as manifested in His willingness to hold the broken hearts of His children in His hand, gently putting the pieces back together again.

My God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. My God is love and in Him is no malice in any form. My God is peace and in Him is no conflict or confusion. My God is grace and in Him is the desire to bless His people. My God is mercy and with it the willingness to forgive.

My God is not the rigid and unyielding ogre many proclaim. My God is willing and able to do whatever is needed to deliver or bless His own. My God derives no pleasure from punishing His children but rather He lovingly chastens and corrects them.

My God is our Father who is in heaven and whose name is HOLY. My God’s kingdom will surely come on earth as it is in heaven. My God is the provider of all that we need and the forgiver of all our trespasses even as we forgive those who trespass against us.

My God will never lead us into temptation for He tempts no man and cannot be tempted. My God is He who delivers us from evil and everything that goes against His nature. My God is able to save and willing to deliver His own at any time and in every place.

To my God belongs the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever, world without end. Amen and Amen.