With every ounce of my beling I long to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

With everything within me I yearn for the moment our Lord Jesus returns. Absolutely nothing in this life could compare with the glory that we will enjoy when we, in an instant of time, find ourselves standing face to face with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

As wonderful as this life is at times, I long for an end to the pain and aggravation each day brings having to put up with this body and this world. With all of my heart I hold on to the promise that there will be an immediate end to all pain, suffering and tears when Christ returns or we die and go to Him.

I do not know when Christ is coming back and have no desire to debate the issue. All I know and believe with every fiber of my being is that He IS returning soon and that when He does, I will cease to be a citizen of this world.

For nearly 45 years I have held firm to the belief that Christ is returning soon. Many have told me that I am delusional and have “ruined my life” by holding fast to this hope. I have been scolded, castigated, rejected, and mocked for my ironclad faith in the hope God has set before us.

If given the choice of taking a pill and being given 100 more years of this life or departing for glory tomorrow I would be first in line, ready to depart. Nothing in this life compares to that which awaits us once we depart this life, through death or the return of Christ, and join all the believers from all the ages heaven’s golden shore.

I have no desire whatsoever for worldly fortune or fame. I have no desire whatsoever to receive the accolades of man for being a good humanitarian. I have no desire whatsoever to stand upon a stage and receive degrees of accomplishment in worldly matters so as to spend the rest of my life laboring to stockpile earthly treasures.

With all my heart and soul, I desire nothing more than to please my Savior in this life and be with Him forever and ever. Nothing means more to me than knowing in my heart that I have done the best I could do for God and that one day I will receive my just reward from Jesus Christ Himself for what I have done for Him in this life.

It is my firm belief that the closer a believer is to the Lord, the stronger the desire for His return. Conversely, those who appear to be pillars of the faith but are not, have no great desire for the return of Christ because their reward is limited to this life.

I feel sorry for those who scoff at the notion Christ may soon return. I pray for those who so enjoy this life they do not want Christ to return. My heart rejoices with those, who like myself, long for Christ to come quickly. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.


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