If God said… Could we and would we believe, trust and obey Him?

If God said that He wanted you to give away all you own and live in a tent wherever He sent you; could you do it? Would you do it?

If God said that it was time to depart this life and come home to Him; would you yell and scream and say it is unfair or would you rejoice in anticipation of seeing God face to face?

If God said that He wanted you to rise up and become a leader for Him; would you do it or would you find a million reasons why you can’t?

If God said you must endure illness or suffer physical pain; could you handle it or would you complain?

If God said you must suffer persecution for what you believe, be defamed and ridiculed for your faith; would you be blessed or spend the rest of your life sulking?

In each of these cases, the scenario was introduced by the phrase “if God said”. If God says something it is indeed His Word. Believing God’s Word is not limited to that which is written in the Bible or spoken in prophecy. The Word of God is anything God says whether universally for all to hear via His written Word or individually as He speaks to our heart.

This world has conditioned us to believe that to really be happy in this life, we must have oodles of “things”, live 90 or more years, be successful in one’s profession, have no physical ailments or diseases and have no enemies. Unfortunately, many Christians believe their faith automatically gives them all these wonderful things and more.

Christianity is not defined by how many things you own, how long you live, how many children and grandchildren you have, how cool you are, how handsome or beautiful you appear, how healthy you are or how many friends you have. The truth is, Christianity has nothing to do with any of these things. If this is what a person desires, they should NOT become a Christian.

At the core of our faith is a loving and trusting relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. At the center of our faith is the burning desire to be a son in whom God is well pleased and honestly say our will is not important but rather doing His will. At the heart of our faith is our cry “Abba Father”.

If everything was ripped away from you and you were left naked and alone on a desert island, would you still be blessed and thankful or would you drown in self pity and complain about how unfair God is?

If every friend deserted you, you wife or husband left you, your children despised you and your parents disowned you due to your Christian faith; would you still love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength or would you walk away from Him angry and bitter?

We all need to honestly evaluate where we are at spiritually once in awhile and if we have fallen away, we need to be as the Prodigal and come home to the open arms of our loving and forgiving Father.


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