A few thoughts about what Super Bowl Sunday has become

While at the store yesterday, I was wished “happy Super Bowl Sunday” by more than person. After scratching my head, I finally figured out that today has officially become another holiday, on par with New Year’s Day and perhaps even Christmas. If that is indeed true, then we need to start decorating our trees with footballs and having Super Bowl Eve services at our churches.

Not being much of a football fan, I never have understood what the big deal is about this day. I realize that Super Bowl Sunday has become an event instead of a game. It has become a time to “eat, drink and be merry with your friends” under the pretense of a game very few are interested in unless their team is playing or they have wagered money on it.

I used to be quite caustic about this day but now I just roll my eyes and let it be. I could get all spiritual and quote verses about various aspects of this day which are not too cool from God’s point of view, but to do such a thing would be silly and a waste of time. I know countless groups of believers who will be gathering with friends today to laugh, share, eat and enjoy the game. In that sense there is nothing wrong with it at all.

Call me Carrie Nation, but I just do not like all the days, events and holidays which have turned into nothing but a time for people to get drunk. Maybe because I do not indulge in alcohol consumption I am a bit over reactive, but having grown up in a home ruined by the stuff and suffering through a failed marriage where alcohol was to blame; I have very little tolerance for over indulgence of alcohol.

I have heard all of my life that it takes a few drinks to have a good time. If one were to believe the endless commercials promoting this, I guess that would be true. From the outside, it does look like a drinking promotes a festive mood and loosens people up so they can have fun, but what happens when it is time to drive home or go to work the next day?

Last night we had a surprise 3 inch snow. Early this morning our dog Shadrach got to enjoy playing in snow for the first time in his young life. Watching him was witnessing the very definition of pure joy. He was the happiest dog in the world and all it took was a little snow. Why can’t we be so simple as to derive our joy from God’s simple blessings instead of fabricating artificial happiness through alcohol, drugs and other worldly things?

I pray that we all find a source of simple joy and enjoy it. I pray that we all have our “Shadrach moments” and fully engulf ourselves in the simplicity of God’s abundant blessings to us not on this holiday but every day!


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