Is ordination by man to his ministry or by God to His ministry?

A hotly debated topic is whether the public ordination service displays a person’s commitment to the group ordaining him/her or to Christian ministry. I believe the overwhelming majority of ordinations are by and to a particular group.

About this time in 1978 I was ordained. At the time, I believed I was being ordained to “The Christian Ministry”, but I quickly learned that my ordination was in reality to the ministry that ordained me. Instead of being totally committed to Jesus Christ and the ministry of His Gospel, I was slowly indoctrinated in what was expected me as a minister to the ministry that ordained me.

Even now, 35 years after having hands laid upon me, I still believe I was and am ordained to the Christian ministry. Unfortunately, the ministry that ordained me refuses to acknowledge I was even a part of their group let alone ordained by it. Because of this, what I believe my ordination is a matter between myself and the God I committed my life unto. Whether any person, government, ministry or church accepts my ordination means nothing to me. I am committed to God and not man.

In 1986 when it was time for me to depart that ministry due to it forsaking the truth of God’s Word and due to wrong teaching and application was hurting the very people it outwardly said it was helping, I was bombarded with threats of God’s retribution on my life and loss of eternal rewards. Any attempts on my part to defend my belief that my ordination was from God and not man were quickly and emphatically rebuked. I was “excommunicated” and told I was a heretic and infidel.

I believe, based on the Word of God, that ordination is nothing more than the public declaration of a person’s absolute commitment to Jesus Christ and the pronouncement of that person’s “ministry”. These ministries could be as teachers, pastors etc or any number of specific things listed in the New Testament that edify, help and minister to the Body of Christ.

I do not believe that ordination immediately gives a person reason to lord it over those he/she is responsible for. I do not believe that ordination is only a way to legally perform weddings and funerals. I do not believe that ordination is just a way to get a “Rev.” in front of your name. I do not believe that those ordained are the only ones qualified to teach, minister, etc.

I believe a person knows when they are ordained and whether they are ever officially prayed over and had hands laid on them is beside the point. I believe that it is possible for one ordained person to ordain another (spiritually not legally). I believe that the whole idea of ordination being a public declaration of one’s absolute commitment to a group or denomination is wrong. I believe ordination is God’s way of letting everyone know this person is 100% committed to Him and not man.


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