Slaying the three-headed monster of fear, pride and condemnation

Each one of us is human. I know that comes as a shock to some of you, but it is the truth. Being human we are prone to make mistakes, think bad thoughts and at times drift away from the truth. Just because we do such things does not mean God hates us, it just means we are not yet perfect.

When Jesus Christ returns, He will transfigure us in a moment of time to be as He is which is PERFECT. Until that great and notable Day of the Lord, we will be as Paul in Romans 7 when he speaks of the wrestling match he faces daily with his old man. Although that old man is dead, we will lug him around until Christ comes back and gives us a new body.

I loathe excess time spent and an abundance of effort put into condemning Christians for things they do wrong, bad decisions they make and words they say that hurt or injure another. None of these things are right, but they do not mean the person is BAD. A bad person hates God, defies His Word and rejects the Gospel of Jesus. A Christian who does bad things occasionally is human.

I spent one third of my life wondering in the “dark night of the soul”, condemning myself for mistakes made 30 years ago and things done that were not Godly, righteous or loving. When I finally saw the light in 2005 it was the most glorious time of my life. Each day was a new adventure in understanding the mercy and grace of God and that His love is truly unconditional.

After hibernating in a spiritual cave for many years, I seized the opportunity to give and serve God again. Knowing that God did not hate me and that God still loved me energized me and allowed me to make up for lost time spiritually. Looking back, God gave me a few years without pain, without condemnation and without fear.

The three greatest enemies any Christian faces are condemnation, pride and fear. This three-headed monster destroys even the strongest Christians and lays them low in a grave of uselessness and wallowing in an ocean of self-pity. Fear stops a person cold and prevents them from moving. Pride opens the door to failure. Condemnation breaks a person’s spirit and makes them feel useless, alone and hopeless.

Fear, pride and condemnation must be eliminated and cast out of our lives through humility, honesty and unconditional love for our God. We are absolutely nothing in and of ourselves. The only good in us is what God has made us in Christ Jesus. When we finally believe this, we can quit trying to do it all ourselves while fighting the endless battles that fear, pride and condemnation bring.

Break the back of fear through faith. Break the stranglehold of pride through humility. Break the lie of condemnation through putting on the new man and living in Christ.


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