Why I love God more and more each day

I have been a Christian for nearly 44 years. When I think of all I have seen, heard and done during that time, I am truly amazed I am still here. Long ago and far away I should have either been forced out of the ministry by pressure or lured out by distraction and/or temptation. It really is quite a miracle that after so many years, I still love God as I do and seek to serve Him with all my heart.

When I pause to remember the incredible events that have shaped my life, I am humbled beyond words. God has guided, cared for, protected, helped and blessed me more times than I could possibly recall. God has instructed, reproved, corrected and taught me more things than I could remember in ten lifetimes. God has never walked away from me and has never left me alone and helpless.

God has forgiven me over and over again and has never held my mistakes against me. God has scolded me as a good Father, counseled me as a big brother and helped me as the Savior that He is. God has led me through the valley of shadow of death and protected me from those who sought my destruction. God has always been there when I have cried out to Him.

Over the years I have turned and walked away from God many times. I was young, foolish, stubborn or ignorant. Despite what I have done, God has remained faithful and has never left me nor forsaken me. This mercy on His part brings me to my knees for it is beyond what any man can conceive. The mercy and forgiveness of God is far greater than any sin we can commit.

Over the years I have climbed upon the mountaintop and screamed “Praise God” to the world and I have slithered on my stomach across parched and barren valleys surrounded by danger and death as I cried out “Why has thou forsaken me?” In time I have come to understand that God never has forsaken me, NEVER.

Looking back on my life, I see many times when there was no way out of a situation, but amazingly I did indeed get out because God provided a way when there was none. I can recall times when I literally had no money, my very physical life was nearly over, every person I counted as a friend had left me and there appeared to be nothing left for me in this life.

Yes, I can remember those times but I also remember that somehow God brought me through them and has led me to the current hour of my life. He is still my God and I am still His child. Through the good times and the bad, He has remained faithful to His Word whether I believed it or not. How can help but to love, praise and live for such a wonderful and loving God?


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