Learning to follow God no matter where the road leads

In no way do I pretend to be an expert on much of anything.  The only thing I do take pride in is that no matter what has come my way in this life, I have never given up.  Regardless of the pain, suffering, cruelty, injustice and rejection I have faced; through the grace of God, I have managed to hang in there.  In the Bible, this is called PATIENCE.

From the time God entered my life on that mountain in New Mexico in 1969 through the present, there have been innumerable peaks and valleys in my life and ministry.  I have stood on the mountains of good times when I thought I was in heaven, and I have slithered as a lizard through barren deserts wondering if I would live to see another day.  Through it all, God has never left me nor forsaken me.  No matter where I have been and regardless of my spiritual state, God has remained faithful to His Word that He would sustain and protect me.

I have lived in, ministered at and traveled to almost every state in the Union (all except Hawaii and Maine).  I could write lengthy books describing the incredible things God did for me in New Mexico, Kansas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, New York, Texas, Tennessee, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Alaska, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Alabama, Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Missouri, Louisiana and Montana.  I have learned that in whatsoever state I am, therein to be content.

In 1987, two guys and I sold everything we owned at a moving sale and ended up living in a small pop up camper for months until God opened the door to spend 8 months living in a nice cabin at a resort in Oklahoma in exchange for doing odd jobs around the place.  It was during this time that we would spend 8 hours each day sitting at a big table researching various things in the New Testament.

In 1994, at a time of intense financial pressure, God led me to HIS solution which ended up in us living ten years in a rundown old house in the middle of nowhere with no furnace or air conditioner.   The total “rent” paid during those ten years was less than $200.  Despite the hardship of having to cut and haul wood to stay warm, many of those ten years were the sweetest of my life.

In 1971, three of us were assigned to Marinette, Wisconsin to be ambassadors for Christ for a year.  Within a few weeks of getting there, we were having meetings with 65 people crammed into someone’s living room.  The next spring we were allowed to have meeting at the High School during lunch.  At one meeting we had over 125 kids show up to hear us sing and teach the Bible.

In 1979, working with one other person, God threw open doors which allowed us to minister the love of God to hundreds of students at a small college, but at homes of relatives scattered throughout rural northern Mississippi.

In 1984 a few of us turned the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania upside down as we fully committed ourselves to “witnessing” to as many people as we could in a month.  The doors God opened were incredible and resulted in many people being saved, healed and committing themselves to serving God.

In 2006, I was allowed by God to embark on a journey most people would be scared to death to go on.  I took off with only the van I was driving and my conviction that God would lead me to the right people in Mississippi who needed the love and things I had to offer.  The stories I have to share regarding God’s faithfulness to lead and open doors still to this day astound me.

In 2009, just a few months after nearly dying three times in three months, God allowed me to jump in my van and visit many members of this site.  I will forever cherish the times spent in Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee and Ohio.

Over the years I have found myself in positions where either I believed God would take care of, direct and sustain me or I would die.  I thank God that He honored the faith in my heart to follow Him and in so doing lead me to one Promised Land after another.  I also thank God for what I learned during the times I did not follow Him and ended up in spiritual wastelands.

It is my prayer that in continuing to share from the wealth of experiences I have, it may help to inspire any of you craving to break free from the bondage of trusting yourself, your job or your resources. For those wanting to hear about walking out on faith and not by sight; I urge you to stay tuned for more in the days to come.


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