Update on Louisiana Hurricane Gustov/Ike Relief Efforts

This is a picture of a home in southern Louisiana taken two days ago. Notice how much water still remains? This is from Ike’s storm surge which topped the levees. The water has nowhere to go, so it is there until it naturally recedes.

Although the house above appears to not be inhabited, there are hundreds of homes just like this being lived in by the families who own them. They refuse to leave, even with no electricity and in many cases, water knee deep inside their home. The person taking this picture, Carolyn Thompson of Tri Coastal Community Outreach, was standing in this water when taking the picture. The water was black with oil and sewage.

Shortly after taking this picture an alligator was spotted swimming directly toward Carolyn. She jumped in the pickup and stayed there a long time. Consider those living in these homes and what they must go through when they hear a “bump in the night” wondering if what they heard was a log or an alligator hitting their house.

It will take weeks before the water recedes in places such as Houma, Louisiana and the clean up can begin. Amazingly, all these people want is water and bleach to disinfect their houses after the flood subsides. Red Cross, Salvation Army and FEMA are in the area along with Louisiana National Guard. In fact, it is the National Guard who delivers food and water to many of these types of homes.

Our fear is that deep in bayou there are hundreds, if not thousands of these types of situations but where the Guard has not been able to get to due to high water. Please pray these people “hang in there” until help and supplies arrive.  Following is the pickup loaded with food and cleaning supplies “Doc” and Carolyn took from Mississippi to Louisiana.


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