How many votes will 9 million buy compared to how many Ike victims could it help?

Sooooooo, here we have the financial markets in absolute chaos, Hurricane Ike victims patiently waiting for an ice cube people looking at their investment portfolios wondering what happened to that nest egg they were counting to live on the next twenty years; and tonight in Beverly Hills, the Hollywood stars will dish out $31,000 each to eat with Sen. Obama and listen to Barbara Streisand sing. The anticipated take from the evening is 9 million dollars. All I can do is just shake my head in wonder.

Of course to the “stars” showing up tonight, 31 thousand dollars is equal to about 31 cents to most of us. They make umpteen million dollars per movie or CD so what is a mere 31 thousand to help their hero get elected President? Herein are the problems, throwing politics aside.

9 million dollars could pay for hundreds of  loaded semi trucks full of supplies needed in Texas and Louisiana for desperate people. Or, it could pay for television advertising to elect someone. Hmmm, I wonder which would do the most good for this country?

Being perfectly honest and non-partisan here; if Sen. Obama really wanted to win votes for the November election, he should have the dinner tonight, collect the money and then give it all to Hurricane Ike relief efforts. Then, perhaps, the undecided voters in America might think this candidate really is going to change this country. Seeing how there is a better chance of Ralph Nader being elected President than this happening; tonight’s gala is yet another indication that when it comes to Presidential politics, nothing is any more important than money and gladly prostrating oneself at the feet of those with plenty of it, so as to be worthy of a few of their crumbs.

Just as money cannot buy a World Championship (just ask the New York Yankees), so money does not guarantee election victory. Many have tried to buy themselves a United States Senate seat, and although some have succeeded, many fail even when spending millions upon millions of their own money.

Money cannot buy votes, it can only buy advertising. Money cannot buy happiness, health or peace. All money can do is provide a means to an end. It can either be used to help someone or hurt them. It can be used to pamper oneself or meet the needs of countless others. Money is not the ultimate vehicle for success, it is only the fuel for the real vehicle which is integrity.

If Sen. Obama had any integrity, he would either postpone tonight’s gala or use the proceeds to help those in need. Since I don’t think either he or Sen. McCain would ever consider doing either; as far as I am concerned, this political year is simply more of the same rich people trying to buy candidates to promote their pet causes. I hope those in attendance tonight enjoy the dog and pony show.

1 Response to “How many votes will 9 million buy compared to how many Ike victims could it help?”

  1. September 17, 2008 at 12:44 am

    AMEN!!! Extremely good points you make here. If both candidates gave away all the money they have made for campaigning and just got down to discussing the issues, they could really make a difference for countless people who are hurting right now. Too bad it’ll never happen. Thanks for the enlightenment!

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