Who Am I and Why Do I Write about Ike and other Hurricanes; My open letter to YOU

Dear Friend,

With grateful heart I rejoice that Hurricane Ike was not worse than it was. A disaster of epic proportions was averted by probably 12 hours and 20 miles. Yes, at the rate Ike was strengthening, if it had another 12 hours over water there is ample evidence to suggest it would have been a category 4 storm instead of a category2/3 one. A wobble to the west would have changed the storm surge to have done far more damage than it did.

I am no scientist. I am no meteorologist. I am no one you ever heard of or ever will. I deliberately work in obscurity and under no circumstances want my true identity used. I believe strongly that what is important is the message and not the messenger. I believe too much emphasis is placed on academia and too little on common sense and logic.

My life is a gift from God for the blessing of His people. Anything and everything I can do or give on behalf of others is my life’s goal and intent. I have no advanced degrees from prestigious institutions of higher learning. I have no doctorate, master or even bachelor’s degrees. I have a worthless Associate degree in theology plus many years of devoted service to God and His people.

I have studied weather since I was a child. I have watched tornadoes form and been in more than one. I have spent hours studying radars and satellite images just to help someone know what to do weather-wise in a situation. I have my trusted sources for technical information, but I basically trust my instinct based on logic, patterns and principle vs. model runs.

I have no business other than to do what my Lord places on my heart to do. I am promoting no one and no cause in particular. I do not sell weather related materials, and in fact, I do not sell anything other than clothing on eBay. I have no agenda, hidden or otherwise. I am a simple man who only desires to find a way to help people gain a better understanding of life, weather, disasters and most of all God.

Many months ago, out of the blue I had a strong premonition that the Houston area was going to deal with a major hurricane this year. There was nothing I could do other than study the area, its history and lay of the land. I wrote a few pieces dealing with how a huge hurricane hitting the Houston ship channel would be a major disaster. Other than that, I have waited patiently for the fulfillment of what I was shown, no doubt by my Lord.

When the flurry of tropical disturbances started a month ago, I decided to start posting on a regular basis regarding them. There is so much ignorance and misunderstanding among people regarding weather and especially hurricanes and tornadoes. When it became apparent that Ike was heading for the Houston area, I saw my mission as one of helping to condense and disseminate the volumes of technical data being stated about the storm, its track and intensity levels.

When it became apparent that Ike was going to be a massive monster storm, I assumed the reason God had pre-warned me was so that I could try and help someone. In my many posts on Ike, I simply was trying to convey the magnitude of the situation in enough time to allow those who could and wanted to leave to do so. Drawing upon my experiences working with Katrina victims, I simply tried to tell you folks what I knew and in such a way as to hopefully help.

Yesterday and last night were very hard for me. My heart so wanted to reach out and comfort those who were huddled in fear and hold those who were breaking under the stress of a very mean storm. I, along with everyone else who studies hurricanes, was sure there would be thousands of casualties from Ike and Galveston pretty much destroyed. The data showed what should happen. As it turns out, it simply showed what COULD happen. Thank God it didn’t happen as bad as was feared.

Now that the storm is over I return to my normal frustrating life of trying to locate help for small independent charities who have no access to the huge warehouses where supplies are stored and no access to AID MATRIX the clearing house for disaster services and groups part of VOAD. My mission is not to find help for a place like Houston, for there are plenty of well supplied groups taking care of both Houston and Galveston.

No, my mission is to find help for places such as Cameron, New Iberia and Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. These are locations which will (and already have after Gustov) fall through the cracks and receive basically no help from anyone. I am sure there are similar places along the upper coast of Texas also. I fight for the underdog in all things. That is my life and ministry.

In the days ahead, as my coverage of hurricane Ike winds down; I will be zeroing in on the needs in those places the media never go. I will share what is REALLY going on in the little communities who are always forsaken in huge disasters. I will offer avenues of giving, sharing and prayer to anyone with a heart to want to help the “underdogs” and the forsaken.

Thank you for allowing me to share a bit of my heart, whether it is one or a hundred of you who read this. All I can do is give the best I can and pray God opens doors to handle the rest. God’s richest blessings to you.


3 Responses to “Who Am I and Why Do I Write about Ike and other Hurricanes; My open letter to YOU”

  1. 1 wisdomssister
    September 14, 2008 at 4:05 am

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and Wisdom that has been given you. Please, contact me about any of these areas that need help and what they might need. We are gearing up supplies for Galveston Island, and we will pray about these outlying areas. We worked Bay St. Louis and Waveland, MS post Katrina, and it still upsets me to see those areas being left out by the media when they were hit harder than New Orleans. You can reply in a comment to one of my blogs I have written with your contact information and I will delete it after that so it is not posted.

  2. 2 Mari
    September 14, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    Looking for someone who is IN Galveston and can tell us if our house is still standing. Knoe anyone?

  3. 3 wisdomssister
    September 16, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    yes, we do have a contact there he can only call out, can’t receive calls b/c of the service. send me your address and i’ll see what i can do. No guarantees.

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