Epitaph for Those who Chose NOT to Get Out of Ike’s Way

My heart is screaming within me. My stomach is tied in knots so thick they will never come undone. Everything within me wants to grab America by the neck and shake her to wake her up. This is a night unlike no others in the history of our nation. Never before will so many people lose their lives as will happen over the next 12-18 hours. If fatalities were really counted, the toll from Ike would number in the tens of thousands. When has America ever lost tens of thousands of its citizens in one night?

Estimates of well over 100,000 defying mandatory evacuation orders and willingly and many times proudly saying they would never leave their home are dead men and women walking. When the National Weather Service says “certain death” they mean it. Yet, thousands will party until they die while others will stubbornly be praying for God’s protection even as they drown. Others will perish because they never heard a storm was coming and still others will die in the line of duty trying to protect and serve others.

My soul cries out and I want to shake my fists in anger at the stupidity of fools. We tried to warn them not to trust in models and past experiences. No one who lived through the 1900 hurricane was there to tell them what would happen if they stayed. I cannot stand to think of what the dawn will bring and worse yet, Sunday morning’s dawn. The smell of death will line the coast from Galveston to Morgan City as those too stubborn, foolish or stupid to listen to wisdom will perish.

God uses the analogy of what is happening tonight in Texas and Louisiana to emphasize the need to listen to and take heed to wisdom in Proverbs chapter one. Before viewing the extent of the devastation, find a Bible and read the second half of the first chapter of Proverbs and then look at the images that will flood our television sets for weeks to come. Think of Proverbs chapter one when you pay 5 dollars for gas because the heart and soul of the American petroleum industry has been ripped out.

Think about Proverbs one when you see the body bags of those who refused to listen to wisdom and paid the price. Think about Proverbs one when you see neighborhoods under water in Houston and people clinging to rooftops hoping against hope to be rescued. Think about Proverbs one when you see skyscrapers with all their windows blown out and flooded streets coated with oil and water contaminated with chemicals of every sort and kind.

Think about Proverbs one when you see places such as Port Arthur totally inundated and the many oil refineries shut down and flooded. Think about Proverbs one when the politicians and talking heads descend on Texas like a batch of locusts to show everyone how much they care. Where were they before the storm? Where were the words of encouragement and promises of help after the storm?

Think about Proverbs one when images of what used to be small coastal communities are now just foundations sitting barren in the sand. Think about Proverbs one when those who trusted in seawalls are inundated with water that laughed at the walls. Think about Proverbs one when the final price tag of Ike is ever figured out, and when the insurance premiums of everyone go up.

Yes, my soul weeps for I know many people will needlessly die this night because they refused to listen to wisdom. They thought they could withstand the forces of a hurricane which is more powerful than any to hit the United States. They thought they could have the time of their life having a hurricane party as their life ends in a giant wave of water. They thought they were smarter than wisdom and they will pay the ultimate price for their folly.

Millions will see all the horror in the next few days and shake their heads and say “what a waste”. Many who live along the coasts of America will then proceed to move on with their lives and never learn a lesson from Ike. Many will one day face the same end result as those facing it tonight as the folly of their stubbornness finally catches up with them.

God help those who through no fault of their own got caught in this storm. God have mercy on those who thought they were bigger than Him. God, please forgive those who cry out to you in their final minutes as they finally realize how stupid and sinful they were. All any of us can do now is give those in harm’s way to God for the protection of their souls.

What a truly sad night this is in America.


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