URGENT–Galveston and Houston Now Appear in Ike’s Sight


Look at the latest GDFL model run!! It now has Ike going straight for Galveston/Houston. This is an extremely bad situation. Ike is intensifying quickly and no doubt will attain category 3 and probably category 4 status. A worst case scenario would be a hit to the south of Galveston pushing a huge storm surge up Galveston Bay. Considering the amount of oil related businesses, this could be an economic and environmental disaster.

Is the greater Houston area prepared for winds of 100 mph or greater? I don’t know for I don’t live there. All I know is that at this time, no one outside of coastal Texas is taking Ike seriously. Ike will pass hundreds of miles to the south of Mississippi yet there are coastal flood warnings in place there until Friday. Word has it the water is already high and covering some roads. What is going to happen as Ike gets bigger and stronger and passes by New Orleans and areas hit by Gustov?

Ike is still not a major news story because the nation as a whole is far more interested in lipstick on various animals than the potential catastrophe heading for Texas. Whether the nation as a whole wakes up to what is happening or not, those living near where Ike could end up making landfall need to be packing their vehicles and getting a head start on the monumental traffic jam coming when millions of people will try leave at once.


Ike is behaving in much the same way Katrina and Rita did three years ago. A storm the size of Ike is not going to just fall apart in September in the Gulf of Mexico. With each passing model run, the odds of Ike hitting farther and farther UP the coast of Texas increase. Yet, I heard on the news a couple of hours ago about Ike maybe hitting Brownsville. What planet were they on? NO ONE is talking about a south Texas hit any longer.

The multitudes of people in the Galveston/Houston area will end up having less than 48 hours to get out of the way of Ike. Many will think just going inland fifty miles will allow them to be safe. Let me tell you, after seeing the damage Katrina did 125 miles north of landfall, those people will deeply regret only going 50 miles.

There is a huge risk of a massive tornado outbreak with Ike just as there was Rita. I was at Cameron, Louisiana and spoke with survivors. They lived through Rita and told me there were “hundreds of tornadoes” and that it was the tornadoes which caused as much damage as the storm surge and winds. I was at a hurricane conference in Houston and brought this up and was promptly shot down by the “experts” at the NHC.


Complacency breeds disaster. Far too many people have been lulled into a false sense of security by looking at maps showing Ike heading for south Texas. Unless people wake up and realize what is happening with the steering currents, they will not have time to get out. Whether the storm actually makes it all the way to Galveston or not, the people there and in Houston have to deal with highways unable to handle the mass exodus of a total evacuation. The nightmares associated with the Rita evacuation have caused many to wait until the last minute to leave. Not a good thing.

Many of the oil rigs in the Gulf have already been caught off guard by Ike and many more will be. When looking at the satellite it is obvious that Ike is quickly taking on all the characteristics of a major hurricane, including taking up most of the Gulf of Mexico. There is a very real chance that by tomorrow, Ike could look on a satellite almost exactly as both Katrina and Rita did at nearly the same spot. The difference is that those two storms went predominantly north and Ike is going west to northwest.

Please, if you live anywhere on the Texas coast or have interests there, investigate what is really being said about Ike outside of the “official” line. Ike will become a major news story shortly, and once it does, it will be a royal mess trying to go anywhere. A smart person would already have the car and truck packed and ready to leave at a moment’s notice. I pray all involved are smart people.

I just checked with one of my most trusted sources and he has pulled the trigger urging the evacuation of Galveston and Houston. I know he would not go out on that limb if he did not feel there was reason to risk his reputation and worse. Those with interests in the area need to not only have the car packed, but the gas tank full and the engine running. Please stay abreast of this potentially horrible disaster in the making.

1 Response to “URGENT–Galveston and Houston Now Appear in Ike’s Sight”

  1. 1 v.meghana
    September 11, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    very fearful

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