Coming Soon–Hurricanes and an Early/Bad Winter?

A deep and probing question that I believe is extremely important to ask at this time deals with a subject not too many want to handle, and that is the weather. It is nearly impossible to avoid discussions of the weather for they tie into the greater discussion regarding energy. So, it is not that weather is not being discussed, but that the discussions are very one-sided. There is another side to the global warming debate, and I fear this other side will dominate our lives starting in a few short months.

I have been looking at graphs, reports and other data along with reading what people I trust are saying about the upcoming winter. It is not pleasant unless you love cold and snow. Just about every meteorological measuring stick indicates a very strong probability for a kind of winter this year our great grandparents would have been proud of. The disturbing thing is that this may very follow one of the worst hurricane seasons we have seen in a number of years.

Weather does not happen by chance and unless you buy into the Chinese propaganda that they can make it rain and not rain at their discretion; man does not control the weather. Weather systems come into being through an intricate set of circumstances dealing with oceans, currents, the sun and winds. A prime example is the huge difference it makes to much of the world when there is an El Nino in the Pacific Ocean vs. a La Nina.

Just about every weather model is predicting a dramatic increase in tropical activity starting in the next week or so and getting stronger as the month progresses. Of particular concern is how things are setting up for waves coming off the coast of Africa to blossom and turn into huge hurricanes that track thousands of miles and run a high risk of hitting either Florida or the East Coast of America. There is such apathy regarding this potential in most places that even if a storm were heading straight for a location there would be many who would ignore all warnings.

I would most certainly urge anyone living along the Atlantic Coast to stay abreast of developments over the next few weeks. The true experts in the field see basically no way, based on current weather trends, that there will not be a direct hit somewhere along the American coastline within the next couple of weeks of a major hurricane. Now is the time to be preparing for what may be coming, not only in the Florida and the Carolina’s, but farther north as well.

What if a major hurricane manages to hit the Washington/Baltimore, Philadelphia or New York areas? These are places not accustomed to dealing with hurricanes. They are not prepared for mass evacuations and most homeowners do not have a clue how to “hurricane proof” their homes. A major hurricane (category 3 or above) moving up the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware or Hudson Rivers could cause as much or probably greater damage and carnage than Katrina three years ago. This country is not ready for a major disaster to hit along the East Coast.

What if a major hurricane strikes and knocks out power to millions upon millions of people in early October? As evidenced by Katrina, it takes time to get the electrical grid back up and running after a major storm. If a major hurricane struck the East Coast in October and then we had a “freak” early season cold snap; the result would be a humanitarian catastrophe. Add in the inevitable spike in the cost of oil, gasoline and heating oil that would come from such a disaster and there could be millions of people trying to stay warm enough to stay alive.

This is not just another gloom and doom post. I am talking about very real possibilities that could happen as a result of the way the elements which dictate weather are lining up. NOTHING indicates a quiet remainder to the tropical season. NOTHING indicates a nice mild winter coming up, especially for the northern and northeast parts of the country. There are many factors at work which, if they came together in a certain way could bring the scenarios mentioned to pass.

The current steep drop in the price of oil is temporary. Whether the war in Georgia or the formation of a hurricane in the right place; something is bound to “spook” the markets again and set off another round of price increases. The wise person would take advantage of the current lower prices and make sure their heating oil and propane tanks are full. The wise person would seriously look into buying a generator with enough time for an electrician to hard wire it into the home’s circuit. The wise person would be looking for ways to conserve energy, stockpiling emergency provisions and saving funds at this time.

The clock is ticking and within the next few months there could be a lot bigger things going on in this country than just an election. No candidate controls the weather. No candidate can tell a hurricane to get lost. No candidate can hold his/her hand up and stop a frigid cold front from coming any further. As much as most candidates believe they are God, they are not. The biggest things which could make or break this country are NOT in the hands of those seeking elected office. They are in the hands of God.


1 Response to “Coming Soon–Hurricanes and an Early/Bad Winter?”

  1. November 1, 2008 at 12:35 am

    I have to agree that it is very important to prepare for things like this and not expect the government or anyone else to take care of you. People should have a 72 hour emergency kit and they should prepare by having alternative heating systems, extra food, etc.

    Tom Kelly
    Wood Stove Accessories

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