So You Think You had a Rough Day; Miracles and Needs at TCCO


Perhaps many of you have read another of my blog posts about the successful effort by Tri Coastal Community Outreach in Mobile county Alabama.  Since writing that blog many months ago, the TCCO has continued to grow and expand its efforts into long term programs to enable those it serves to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. 

It has a very successful program called “It’s All About You” (IAAY) which has captured the attention of many people and groups nationwide because it teaches people basic construction skills among other things so they can fix and repair their own house instead of waiting for someone else to do it.  IAAY also allows local community service agencies to come to TCCO to present material on health and other vital topics. 

Two incidents took place on Tuesday, July 8 which are both miraculous as well as quite challenging to their operation.  I will attempt to share this with a minimum of personal comments so as to not take up too much of your time.

The oral surgery had been scheduled for Tuesday morning since early June.  Everything had been covered at TCCO to allow its director this week to recover from surgery to cut out a wisdom tooth.  All was going smoothly until 1:30 Monday night. 

The director has grown children, many of whom have children of their own.  The youngest child did not have any children and is on the heavy side.  She had been feeling quite ill for weeks and finally her older sister made her go to the hospital Monday night at 1:30 a.m.  She was in horrible pain and her blood pressure was sky high.  The sister who was with her called her oldest sister who had been trying to get the one in pain to go to the hospital for almost a month and told her the hospital had given her sister morphine.

The oldest sister freaked out and said to run back and tell the doctors that only the night before her sister had tested positive on a pregnancy test.  She did and the hospital did their own test and discovered she was not only pregnant, she was 39 weeks pregnant.  Somehow they deduced her water had broken 10 days earlier and still, somehow the baby survived.  They called their mom and awoke her to tell her to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

When she did, the daughter’s blood pressure was 220/117 and she was about to go into kidney failure and/or have a stroke.  The doctors said she had to have a C Section immediately, which she did.  They miraculously delivered a very healthy 6 pound 9 ounce baby girl to a woman who did not even know she was pregnant and still does not believe the baby is hers.  It took some work, but they got her blood pressure back to a safe level and the new grandmother went home to catch a couple of hours sleep before her own oral surgery early that morning.

She had her surgery as planned, and thankfully there were no complications.  While she was coming out of anesthesia, she received an urgent call from her assistant at the center.  She simply told her; “at least she’s still living”. 

Her oldest daughter had left the hospital earlier that morning driving TCCO’s van back to the center.  She was never supposed to be allowed to drive alone, but she was.  About half way there, she had a Grand Mall epileptic seizure (which is why she was never to drive alone).  She slumped down in the driver’s seat and leaned to the left against the door.  The van careened across the four lane highway just missing one oncoming vehicle after another.

The van started hitting telephone poles which pierced the windshield of the van like giant spears.  The van slowed but still barreled through a fence which had numerous large wooden posts which snapped and also went through the windshield of the van.  Finally the van came to a stop in the yard of a PREACHER.  The preacher came running out and immediately laid hands on the driver and prayed.

Before the state police or other emergency vehicles could get there, somehow the oldest daughter came out of her seizure.   They got a door open and she got out with only a gash on her forehead.  The preacher and his wife held her, prayed for her and kept her warm till the emergency personnel got there a few minutes later.

In the words of the State Police officer; “there is no way on earth anyone should have survived that accident”.  Evidently everyone who saw the van was totally amazed that the driver was not killed by the various huge spears poking through the windshield.  In fact, if there had been a passenger, he would have been killed instantly by one such projectile.  The stunned girl was taken to the same hospital her younger sister is at.  What a reunion. 

Please keep this whole situation in your prayers for there are, needless to say, many issues which must be sorted out and dealt with in due time.  Thank God both daughters and the new granddaughter are doing well.  But, among the many problems which must be dealt with is the need for a replacement vehicle to haul supplies up and down the coast of Mississippi and Alabama.  If anyone reading this has access to any kind of cargo van/truck that could be donated to TCCO; please contact Tri Coastal or Carolyn Thompson.  Their number is 251-865-9731 or www.tricoastalcommunity.org on the web. 

But for now; I pray hearing about this incredible day will help strengthen your faith and give you the extra bit of spiritual energy to get you over whatever hump stands in your path.  We truly have an awesome God who knows what is happening and will do His best to watch over and take care of situations as He is allowed to.   He most certainly did at TCCO.




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