The Approaching One-World Government

Can you see it?  It is everywhere and increasing rapidly.  Around every corner and atop every building the signs of an historic and thunderous change are appearing all over the world.  Every day, new stories are hitting the press exposing yet another problem so huge no one country can solve it.  Every day, someone of great international authority stands up and promotes the need for a true one-world governing body.

The United Nations has tried to portray itself as a world governing organization, but all its members know it has little influence with the major world powers.  The United States, Russia, China and Great Britain do not take orders from the U.N.  Smaller third world countries depend on the United Nations for everything from food to medicine to peace keepers and anything else they can get.  The influence of the U.N. had more or less diminished in recent years; that is until very recently.

The current food crisis following quickly upon the heels of the “climate change/global warming” crisis is allowing the United Nations to quickly become the premiere spokesman and leader for change and action.  Working with IMF, World Bank and various associations of countries; the U.N. has stepped out of the shadows and faster than anyone could have realized become the world’s spokesperson for the huge world problems exploding rapidly.

For as long as people have been reading Daniel and the book of Revelation, speculation has abounded as to the identity of the “beast” or THE Antichrist.  Everyone from Ronald Reagan to George Bush to Barak Obama has been accused of being the Antichrist.  Scholars have attempted to establish which countries are the ones mentioned in Daniel and many people have made big bucks writing books to promote their particular theory of the fulfillment of end time prophecies.

The Antichrist and the False Prophet will be revealed and be unquestionably recognized in due time.  Any attempts beforehand to figure out who they are will more than likely be automatically wrong.  What difference does it make anyway?   Even if the world knew who these two figures were, they would not believe they were evil people.  The point is that due to what is going on in the world, the framework is finally being put in place to accommodate a real one world government.

The cry of helpless masses is “somebody feed us”, the cry of multitudes caught in conflicts is “somebody save us”.  The cry of countless people who love this earth is “somebody help us save it”.  All around the world the cry of different people is for somebody to rise up and solve all the problems pressing upon so many poor people.  Somebody is bound to fulfill their wish.

The hunger situation is so far bigger than anyone realizes.  To the vast majority of Americans the only impact of the rice shortage is they are limited to 4 big bags of it at Sam’s Club.  Unless people keep meticulous account of how much they spend on groceries, they haven’t a clue that the price of everything made with grain has shot up recently.  They haven’t a clue the price of most dairy products is sky high.  They haven’t a clue that many meat items have gone up dramatically recently.

Americans are notorious for paying little or no attention to issues unless they directly affect or pertain to them, their family or job.  They can sit and listen to news talk of famine in Haiti and have no clue it is a country very close to Florida.  They can read the paper and see a headline about rice going to $25 and could care less.  In their mind why should they care, they only eat rice as a side dish once a week.

Americans are far more pre-occupied with who is winning NBA basketball games, who will be drafted where in the NFL draft on Saturday and who is still on American Idol to worry about starving people in some country they have never heard of.  For the most part, they do not even want to hear about anyone else’s problems in their own country.

Right or wrong, like it or not; the vast majority of Americans simply want to be left alone to live their life, work their job, raise their family and watch television.  They want to light up the grill and eat burgers or ribs, drink a few brews and shoot the breeze for hours on end.  They want to complain about their boss, their spouse and the “stupid” people that cause all the problems for everyone else.  Yes, there are millions upon millions of Americans that have absolutely no interest in hearing about, reading about or getting involved in doing anything about the truckload of problems out there.

So, if no one wants to get involved and fix the problems, that pretty much leaves the government to do it.  For the government, any government, to fix all the hunger and other social ills costs money.  In America, since money grows in space, the government just prints some more of the green stuff to pay people to do nothing, pay people to get  sick, pay people to not work, pay people to get old, pay people to have babies and even pay people to go waste some money on a plasma television to “stimulate the economy”. 

America is good at just printing more money to pay for everything from ridiculous wars to the national debt.  Nine trillion dollars this country is in debt and every day more billions are promised to this cause or that group or this pork project or that war.  Meanwhile our money is the laughingstock of the world and the price of oil just goes up along with just about every other commodity.  When will it ever stop?  When enough people decide to get down off their deck and take one of their extra burgers to help feed a starving person who spent all their money to fill up their gastank.

2 Responses to “The Approaching One-World Government”

  1. 1 corey61
    April 24, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    Excellent blog. So true and so sad. Most American’s don’t see beyond their white picket fences to worry about what is going on in the world. And the debt as you mention is unbelievable. And it just keeps going up by the millions every day to support a war that we shouldn’t even be in. While I support our troops, my nephew went to Iraq twice they are only doing their job, but the government is only in there for the oil. Who do they think they’re fooling? Anyway, I enjoyed your blog. I am new to this website so I’m going to look around here and see if there’s a way I can subscribe to your blogs. I am in total agreement with what you said, I just like to ramble. Sorry 🙂

  2. April 25, 2008 at 12:18 am

    The fact that you actually believe this bothers me a lot.

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