Questions and Answers Regarding the “Rapture” of the Church

It is estimated that approximately 70% of professing Christians believe that Jesus Christ is going to return.  Of these, only about 25% believe in the “rapture”.  Put into perspective, about 2 out of 10 Christians believe there is a day coming when the Lord Jesus Christ will instantly gather together His church to meet Him in the air.  The question then becomes what do the other 8 believe?

Logically about 6 out of ten Christians believe Jesus is coming back to earth to set up His eternal kingdom here.   One is to assume that these Christians believe that this earth is our home for all of eternity.  Studies have indicated that most Christians who do not believe in the rapture also believe that no one will be left behind and there will be a day in the future when this world is a perfect utopia with no crime or sickness or death and Jesus as King.

The concept of “heaven” is so grossly misunderstood and abused; it is truly hard to establish what people mean when they say dearly beloved so and so is “in heaven”.  Where is heaven and what are goes on there?  For the vast majority of Christians, heaven is a place in the sky guarded by pearly gates and one must sign in with St. Peter to gain entrance.  This image has so permeated people’s minds they never stop to think if it makes any sense Biblically or otherwise.

Furthermore, it seems to make no difference to most Christians whether a person is saved or not, as that seems to not be a requirement to gain entrance into heaven.  The general consensus is that Jesus loves everyone and thus everyone goes to heaven after they die.  Yet, many of these same people believe Jesus is coming back to establish his kingdom on earth.  Logically then, “heaven” must be a temporary place to sit around and catch up on books, videos and conversation until such a time in the future when everyone is reunited here on earth as one big happy family.

The line of demarcation between those who believe the Bible is the revealed Word and will of God vs. those who think it is simply the “good book” is huge.  If a person rejects the authority of the Bible, then where is such authority going to be found?  Unfortunately it usually ends up in each person’s mind as whatever they want to believe is true.  Of course most people want to believe Jesus loves everyone and thus everyone goes to “heaven” and will end back up on earth to spend eternity playing soccer, cooking steaks on the grill, watching movies and lounging around the pool.

To those who reject the authority of the Word of God, talk of an event such as the “rapture” is absolute foolishness.  To the vast majority of Christians (roughly 80%), the idea of Jesus Christ only taking a few chosen ones with Him on some mysterious space trip is a joke.  Many others denounce the rapture as being grossly unfair and something a loving God would never do.  The idea of God punishing people for their unbelief is a totally foreign concept to much of Christianity.

Perhaps 30% of so-called Christianity not only doesn’t believe in a rapture event, they do not believe Christ is ever returning.  Evidently, to these people, when one dies either their life simply ends and that is the end of things, or they believe as the others did that when one dies, they go to heaven and stay there forever.  Once again though, heaven to these people is for everyone, not just “Christians”.  If heaven is for everyone, why bother to become a Christian?

Of all the people who claim to be “Christian” in the world today, very few of them are truly born again and a tiny fraction of them have totally dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ and declared publically that He is their Lord.  Most people who claim to be a “Christian” do so in the same way they claim to be Caucasian or African American or Jewish.  Christianity is not a race nor is it simply a classification of religious belief. 

The overwhelming majority of people who attend a Christian church on Saturday or Sunday are no more Christians than the person who attends an Islamic mosque or a Jewish synagogue.  Membership in a particular church body does not make a person a Christian.  Being sprinkled, dunked or drowned in water does not make a person a Christian.  Confessing creeds and memorizing church doctrines does not make a person a Christian.  Giving away all one’s belongings to the poor does not make that person a Christian. 

Isn’t it interesting that those who do not believe in the rapture also don’t believe there is any type of commitment involved with being born again.  The two go hand in hand.  The reason people don’t believe in the rapture is because they lack the commitment to believe they will be one of the chosen ones to be a part of the event.  It is that simple folks. 

If one believes the Bible then one must fulfill the requirements of Romans 10:9 to be born again.  One must confess Jesus to be Lord and believe God raised Him from the dead.  Although many preach this verse, few understand what it is saying.  Salvation is not obtained by merely saying a “sinner’s prayer” and then something magical happens.  Salvation is a heart issue that comes from the depths of a person’s soul where they acknowledge that they are a sinner and that Jesus Christ paid for that sin and is their Savior.  A person must believe in the entire redemptive process for this to take place.

Salvation comes from the mouth where a person confesses that Jesus is Lord and not themselves or anything else in this life.  This confession begins as a simple acknowledgment that Jesus IS Lord and becomes a commitment that He is YOUR Lord.  When this level of commitment is reached, then there is no longer any doubt whether one is saved, and the Rapture then becomes something not only believed in but longed for.

In conclusion, those who believe in the rapture come from every denomination and non-denominational group.  Belief in the rapture is NOT denominational.  Those who believe in the rapture have one thing in common; and that is the absolute conviction that they are born again and that the day is fast approaching when the trumpet of God will sound and be heard by only those who will be instantly changed and appear in the presence of their Lord Jesus Christ in the air to forever be with Him.

Those who do not believe will not be a part of the event.  Those who are totally persuaded in their heart that they are born again have already received the token of their eternal inheritance which will be redeemed when the trumpet sounds.  For those of us who have chosen to devote our lives to our Lord Jesus Christ, there is no day more anticipated than the one soon coming when we will see Him face to face and bask in His glory and majesty in the heavenlies.


5 Responses to “Questions and Answers Regarding the “Rapture” of the Church”

  1. 1 cindyinsd
    March 31, 2008 at 7:19 am

    I enjoyed your post, but I have to wonder where your statistics come from. It’s hard for me to imagine those figures are accurate, especially with the recent popularity of prophecy fiction (and non-fiction). The better I get to know the people in my church, the more impressed I am with their Biblical knowledge. You know, sometimes I feel like I’m the only one around who really means it, but it doesn’t generally turn out to be true in my experience.

    Thanks for your post–I did enjoy it. I just hope you’re wrong.


  2. March 31, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    For some reason I believe that every new born Christian has a message received from the Lord from the moment of their convertion. This message match with other new born Christians message, and when we hear it, we know it’s comming from God. It’s the message from the bible and confirmed by the Holy Spirit. It’s in the bible, but for some reason it’s not clear to those who get lost. You can even teach them, and they won’t get it. Some others may never hear it before, but they know it.

    My biggest goal is to be one of the chosen ones, and I know there is nothing I can do to become one, but to trust God and obey him.

    God bless you.

  3. 3 Michael
    October 16, 2008 at 8:36 am

    I have many questions and concerns that may or may not belong in this thread. I see the discussions on both sides of whether there is or is not an actual Rapture. When I ask my questions, it is not intended to challange or put anyone on defense. I am only tryng to seek the truth. and yes, I know there is only one source, but He uses many methods to deliver information. Why has the Rapture only being taught and discussed since 1830? Why would someone from the Catholic Church be the source of something that has supposedly been in the bible since it was written? After all, the catholic church modifies the information they teach from time to time. If there is proof, where in the bible does it say the Church(the Elect) will be spared the Tribulation? I am not informed enough to argue either way. I want to be informed, know, that if there is a real chance I will have to endure the Tribulation which as anyone can plainly see is so close, it is more than a little scary. Anyone would argue that a child that has not reached the age to decide for themselves, cannot, willnot be left to suffer the Tribulation, yet, there is scripture to support that infants or those with infants will suffer during the last days. Help me understand.

  4. January 15, 2009 at 12:17 am

    Thank you for the information that you provided in this website. There are so many question that people have. If they will only seek God for the answers and read their Word, then they would come closer to getting an understanding of what the plan of God is. God is kind and loving, but our God is a jealous God and he is a God of wrath. Obedience brings the wrath of God, we don’t have to do anything but love the Lord, and live holy to receive and accept his love, because God first loved us, and now we can love him in return. Thank God he is not like man. The word very plainly says vengence belongs to God and not to man. I am looking forward to the rapture. I know JESUS is on his way back to straighten out this mess we are presently living in and I expect to go with HIM WHEN HE COMES. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. It is so strange that we ourselves continue to love our children, but we will punish them when they are disobedient and not see that same quality in God. pronoucing his judgment and showing his wrath to us for our disobedience. Think about it!

  5. July 6, 2009 at 9:30 am

    Hey how are you? Im not here for a debate or to argue just to ask a question because i am still learning. Where does it say in the bible that there will be a pre tribulation rapture? if Christians will not go through the tribulation what does revelation 13:7 mean? who are the souls of the redeem that John the revelator saw? is it people that will be saved after the church has been raptured? Why would God not allow us to go through the rapture? He has allowed suffering to those that He loves all through his holy word.

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