One Day -Two Bombshells: What Has This Country Come To?

We live in a society that daily spirals further and further downhill.  It seems with each new “crisis of ethics”, the collective conscience of America becomes more and more hardened and incapable of responding with any degree of righteousness.  The current situation in New York should, but won’t, send a wakeup call across America that those entrusted with being their leaders are morally bankrupt and unworthy of support.

It is truly astounding to me that there are millions of people saying what the Governor of New was caught doing should not be consider illegal or immoral.  Calls for the legalization of “his crimes” are being made by the minute all across the land.  Cries for “tolerance” and “forgiveness” are being raised by the very same people who would gladly crucify someone of the other political party for far lesser evils.  In every aspect of the current situation in New York it provides a text book example for hypocrisy.

Once again, if people would just allow the Bible to speak for itself, there would be ample proof that what is going on is indicative of the demise of this nation.  Those still waiting for some political turn around will be waiting a long time.  Far too many huge sections of this country are manipulated and totally governed by the lies and wickedness of people the devil has gotten elected through deceiving the people into electing them.

I believe God as ordained all this corruption to be prevalent now because the end is near.  What else are we to believe?  There is no changing the direction this country is heading in.  The course has been set and all the fervent prayers of all the Christians in this country are not going to change the destination.   The moral backbone of this country is broken and a country cannot stand with a broken moral back.

The Center for Disease Control announced today that one out of every four teenage girls in this country has an active STD case.  One out of every two black teenage girls has a STD.   As much as the insane situation in New York infuriates me, this bombshell from the CDC today is devastating.  The repercussions from this announcement will ring loud and clear for quite some time.   The moral decay in this country has gotten down to the teenage level and now the inevitable consequences are appearing.

In both of the above mentioned items, the overwhelming reaction from people is “oh well, what does it have to do with me”.  The apathy in this country is beyond description.  I guarantee you that far more people in this country were rejoicing because the stock market went up over 400 points than were aroused to anger or alarm over either the New York or CDC announcement.  Americans have turned into a selfish and apathetic lot for sure.

What can Christians do about either of these situations?  Very little regarding the New York one, unless living there.  We have established that Christians should not be puritans but by the same token we have a right to cry out when ethics are breeched and what is left of any morality in this country is tossed in the trash.  It is time for the millions of silent Christians to at least let the opposition know we are still here and are repulsed by the flagrant abuse of authority and hypocrisy being manifested by one after another elected official and others in positions of leadership.

As far as the CDC situation, Christians better lift their heads out of sand long enough to see what is going on in their schools and the parties their teenage daughters go to.  I shudder to think of what is happening even right now as millions of unsupervised teenagers are on or going on spring break.   The answer is not to impose some legalistic law, for it never works.  Christian parents need to take the time to work with their children, especially teenage girls and instruct them on WHY they are to “say no” instead of threatening them or laying down laws that are bound to be broken.

I would not want to be a teenager going to a public school having made a “chastity vow”.  The peer pressure is overwhelming and the temptations are everywhere.  That is why home schooling cannot be allowed to be killed off by the decision in California last week.  Our children need somewhere to be educated away from the pure evil that occupies many inner city public schools.  Everywhere and on all fronts the enemy is attacking.  His greatest joy comes when Christians do nothing but complain.  Apathy is one of his greatest weapons.

With each new horrible thing that unfolds in this country, my respect for groups such as the Amish grows stronger.  Although I take issue with their “forced legalism”, I highly respect the fact that they have kept their culture and their beliefs in spite of public ridicule, scorn and gawking.  Many of these groups are simply trying to lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty.  I find nothing wrong with such a noble idea, especially in light of the bombshells dropped in the past day.


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