Quit Telling Criminals Where To Go Shoot People!

Listen America; listen to the moans of your young people dying in classrooms across this land.  Listen America; listen to the wailing of parents who lost their only child, of brothers who lost sisters and friends who lost friends.  How long will your deaf ear be turned to those who are needlessly losing their lives because of laws which only protect the criminal? 

Every time you walk into a building which is classified as a “gun fee zone”, you are walking into a perfect location for a crazed madman to kill you.  No one can defend you and no one thinks they will need to; for it is a gun free zone.  That is except for someone with a gun.

Since when do criminals obey signs?  Would putting a sign on the front door a convenience mart stating: “No armed robbers allowed” deter them from entering?  Put a sign that says; “All employees carry a loaded gun and know how to use it”, and there would suddenly be no more hold ups at that store. 

Since when have we, as Americans, become so stuck on stupid that we cannot understand the most elementary aspects of human behavior?  Do “speed limit” signs stop people from speeding?  The only thing that slows people down on the Interstate, besides accidents, is the presence of law enforcement vehicles.  Amazingly, the speed limit signs suddenly are obeyed when the potential consequence of disobedience is sitting in the median.

Of all the ridiculous laws dealing with guns, there is none so insane as putting signs up on the doors to public assembly locations telling a madman “this is where to come kill defenseless people”.  Who exactly obeys the sign anyway?  Is it not the law abiding citizens who are licensed to carry concealed weapons?  No criminal will ever obey a silly sign on the door.  To the contrary, any criminal worth his salt would go looking for such a sign to establish his “killing fields”.

I do not mean to be morbid here, neither do I mean to belittle the severity of this situation.  To the contrary, I am deeply concerned about what is taking place in this country.  Only one week ago, in a suburb of St. Louis, a crazed gunman stormed a City Council meeting and killed five people, including two armed policemen.  In fact, this person used the policeman’s gun to kill some of the people.  Once this madman took out the only person in the building with a gun, who was there to stop him from doing what he set out to do? 

Unless we, as a society, re-evaluate some of the absurd laws governing where people licensed to carry concealed weapons can do so; I fear events such as what took place yesterday in Illinois, last week in Louisiana and Missouri, and recently in Chicago, Colorado, Minnesota and Virginia will keep happening more and more frequently.  Is this what we want in America? 

The answer to stopping these needless bloodbaths is not in outlawing guns; for criminals will find guns somewhere the same way drug addicts find illegal drugs someplace.  The answer is not to forbid law abiding citizens from carrying a gun into a public building.  All this does is give the armed criminal “carte blanche” to do whatever he pleases.  The answer is not to erect metal detectors at the entrance to every school, hospital, university, library, municipal building, etc.  There are not the resources nor the will of the people to subject themselves to this type of security everywhere they go.

I do not own a gun, nor do I want to.  That is my choice and I have that freedom in this country.  But, I do hope and pray that if I were in an elevator and suddenly a man pulled a gun and demanded my wallet, that another person would pull his gun out and hold it to the criminal’s head and politely tell him, “I don’t think so”.  I would pray that if a wild person entered the restaurant where my wife works and fired one shot, that someone in the place would pull their gun and shoot the SOB before he could do any more damage.

How many criminals barge into the local police station and start shooting?  How many criminals disrupt a legal gun show and start pulling the triggers of all those guns?  The answer to both questions is NONE.  That is because it cannot and does not happen due to the presence of people trained and ready to defend the rights we have in this country. 

The answer does not lie in giving everyone a gun.  The answer lies in allowing those who have proven themselves worthy of being a licensed gun carrier to carry such a weapon anywhere.  Then, and only then, would a criminal stop and think twice before pulling his weapon out.  He would not know who in the audience also had a gun, and how good of a shot they were.

Random drug tests help employers keep drug users from being an employee.  Random gun carriers would greatly help law enforcement personnel by making criminals stop and think before committing a crime with a weapon.  This is the only answer to a problem that is quickly escalating into a form of terrorism no one saw coming, yet promotes just as much fear and dread in people as jets flying into buildings did. 

Take down the signs for a month and watch these brazen actions cease.  Put up signs warning potential criminals of others having weapons, and they will take their business elsewhere.  It is truly amazing how a little common sense could bring this horrible national tragedy to a quick and final conclusion.



1 Response to “Quit Telling Criminals Where To Go Shoot People!”

  1. February 17, 2008 at 7:41 am

    As an uncle of a student shot and wounded at a school shooting I have to say I totally agree. We need to arm a sample of the staff at all schools, and put up a new sign “Gun Totting Teachers”!

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