Holidays Are Not Holy Days; Not Even Christmas

Like everything else in Western culture, “it’s all about the money” when it comes to holidays.  By his very nature, man wants and craves something to “celebrate”.  Anything is a good thing to justify a party.   Over the past few years I have noticed an alarming trend when it comes to holidays.  The purpose of the particular holiday is quickly becoming obscured by the holiday itself being a time to relax, have fun and party.  Many years ago I remember the “minor” holidays being for festivities but not the “major” ones.  Valentine and St. Patrick Days were for parties and strange celebrations; Thanksgiving was for family gatherings and Christmas was, together with Easter, the only two religious holidays in the year.

Long ago, some minor holidays were religious in nature.  Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day were Catholic holidays which lost their religious qualities and became big money makers for the entertainment and beverage companies.  Unofficial holidays such as “Fat Tuesday” are not celebrated as such, but the time frame of them opens doors to Mardi gras types of outlandish excuses for drunken parties.  Of course the up and coming biggest holiday of all is Super Bowl Sunday.  This recent addition to the list of fabricated days to justify parties is the most obnoxious of them all.  People who could care less about football worship this day as the greatest holiday of all because it is entirely about the parties.

Everyone knows the reason for silly “holidays” such as Mothers and Fathers day are strictly for business.  These days supply huge amounts of revenue to the floral shops and greeting card companies.  They also have become huge days for restaurants and now there are more and more “Fathers Day Parties” happening.  Some people are so holiday deprived they celebrate “ground hog day” as a day for celebrating shadows; thus a good day to have a party.

Sitting in a class by themselves are the government sponsored “legal” holidays that hold zero meaning to 90% of the people who have the day off.  “Martin Luther King Day”, “President’s Day”, “Columbus Day” and even “Veterans Day” mean nothing to most people.  Sure, there are groups that legitimately celebrate some of these “Days”, but the vast majority of people simply view them as days the major department stores have huge sales.  What on earth else is there to do on “Columbus Day?”

Then there are the big three summer holidays.  “Memorial Day”, “Independence Day”, and “Labor Day” define the summer season as one of endless days of barbeques, swimming and of course—PARTIES.  How many people under 60 have a clue what Memorial Day is supposed to be about?  How many people outside of some of the bigger trade unions have any appreciation for Labor Day?  How many people devote even 60 seconds on July 4th to remembering what the day is celebrating?

The big three summer holidays are, for most people, simply times to enjoy long weekends full of summertime activities and parties.  The sales of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages skyrocket during the summer, especially around the big three holidays.  The sales of just about everything skyrocket around these times because of all the sales tied to the holiday.  It is truly amusing to see how the big home improvement stores have taken over Memorial Day and to a lesser degree the other two summer holidays as the duly appointed time to fix up the house. 

There are four major holidays left.  Easter Sunday has maintained its “religious” overtones and other than a nice day for the clothing, candy and the restaurant business, it is strictly a Christian pagan holiday.  But, somewhere around Easter is the unofficial holiday most revered by kids between the ages of 13 and 21.  Of course we are talking about “Spring Break”.  It is truly amazing to see the growth of this term in recent years.  Spring Break used to be time for college kids to take some time off before finals.  It has now become a week off for every school kid in America.  It is a time for teenagers to flock to Florida and other warm weather havens to party like there is no tomorrow.

No other “holiday” is more morally disgusting than “spring break”.  All this break does is feed the flesh everything it wants in the realms of sex, booze and drugs.  Otherwise “normal” teenagers get together and become wild animals.  Kids hardly old enough to drive somehow end up in tropical locations complete with enough booze to throw a week long party for hundreds of other “party animals”.  Spring Break is an obnoxious and morally bankrupt excuse to justify every sin the human body wants to enjoy.

Thanksgiving used to be a beautiful holiday where the family would gather and eat turkey and enjoy each other’s fellowship.  It is now quickly becoming the day stores designate as the kickoff to Christmas shopping.  They can no longer wait until Friday to lure millions into their stores to squander money they don’t have.   Currently they have moved up the opening times to midnight, and within the next year or two, they will move it up to 6 pm and finally noon.  Within a few short years, Thanksgiving will cease to be anything other than a National Shopping Holiday. 

Christmas goes without saying is the merchant’s dream holiday.  It was not too many years ago that Christmas started after Thanksgiving.  Then it started after Veterans Day.  Then it started after Halloween.  Now it starts after Columbus Day.  Pretty soon they will have it right and start Christmas in September when Jesus was really born.  Perhaps this tidbit of truth should be hidden from the money changers lest they start promoting Christmas in September sales.  Of course they would have to back it up to the 4th of July to get the early shoppers.

Christmas is an obnoxious holiday saturated with the stench of filthy lucre.  Christmas has little to do with Christ and everything to do with making money, spending money, and having parties.  How a bearded fat man in a red suit and a reindeer with a red nose have become the symbols of Christmas is testimony to its 100% pagan nature.  Christmas is a time for those who have no religion to pretend they do under the guise of “giving”.  I hate Christmas and everything it stands for.  I love Christ but as of yet, he has no holiday devoted strictly to him, other than Easter, PERHAPS.

Well, there is one holiday left.  Happy New Year.  Talk about the granddaddy of all party holidays, nothing approaches New Years Eve.  This is the one time per year when a holiday was developed to legalize getting drunk.  Actually everyone gets drunk on New Year’s Eve, and the holiday is to give people a day off from work to recover from their hangovers. 

New Years used to be a day of parades and four great college football bowl games.  There still are parades and many football games.  But the real football games are now spread out over the three or four days after New Year’s Day.  This gives the party animals many evenings to sit around their plasma televisions drinking tons of beer and cheering on teams they could care less about.  Once college football ends, the NFL playoffs heat up and provide more party times leading up to the Super Bowl.

It’s all about the money and for the most part, that is all holidays are about.  You name the holiday and it has been commercialized and turned into an excuse to spend money (make money), eat, drink and party.  Whatever the holiday, it is prime time to buy plasma televisions, buy new furniture and get a new car.  Then invite all your friends over to drink booze, smoke dope and perhaps have a nice old fashioned orgy.  For millions of Americans, in their depraved moral state, the only reason for any holiday is to have a special day to feed the lusts of the flesh.  Unfortunately, even good old Christmas has become this for many people.


3 Responses to “Holidays Are Not Holy Days; Not Even Christmas”

  1. 1 C.L. Mareydt
    December 24, 2007 at 12:17 am

    they are called “Hallmark” holidays … 😉

  2. 3 hokku
    December 25, 2007 at 12:22 am

    Of course some of the holidays you mention are really non-Christian in origin — such as Christmas — and were co-opted by the Church as part of its program to control. But you are certainly correct about the huge move to commercialism, which does tend to spoil holidays that should be pleasant and stress-free.

    It is up to the individual what do about holidays and how to do it. Those who let commercialism control their holidays — like those who foolishly voted for Bush when it was obvious the man was incompetent — get what they asked for. The unfortunate thing is that the rest of us have to bear the negative effects as well.

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