World Population Explosion and America’s Response

The year 2007 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the height of the “baby boom”.  In 1957 there were around 170 million people in this country.  In 2007 there are an estimated 300 million people living in America.  An increase of 130 million people in fifty years seems pretty impressive until it is compared to what has happened worldwide since 1957.

It is estimated (of course no one knows for sure), that there were approximately 300 million people living in the world at the time of Christ.  By the year 1500, the world’s population had grown to just under 500 million.  In just 400 years the number of people living on earth had increased by over 1 billion to 1.6 billion in 1900.  In a mere 50 years (with two world wars involved), the population jumped by almost another billion to 2.5 billion in 1950.

Fast forward 57 years to our current year.  There are now 2.5 billion people living in China and India alone!  That means everyone who was alive on the entire earth in 1950 would now have to fit in just two countries.  Over 37% of the world’s population live in two countries which together account for less than 9 % of the world’s land area.  Over 6.6 billion people live on this planet in 2007.  In the year 2000 the population on earth was 6.1 billion.  That means 500 million MORE people are alive now than just 7 years ago.  In light of these staggering statistics, the 130 million population increase in the United States over 50 years is pretty paltry to say the least. 

Over 30% of the land area of this world is found in 4 countries: Russia, Canada, United States and Australia.   Currently about 500 million people live in these 4 countries (over 300 million in the United States alone).  That means less than 8 % of the world’s population lives on 30% of the land and 37% of the population lives on 9% of the land. 

What importance do all these figures hold?  What could possibly be the profit in knowing all these statistics?The reason for understanding these things lies in the gross ignorance the vast majority of people have toward anything outside of their family or town.  How many people know that 6.6 billion people live on earth?  How many people know that well over one third of them live in two countries?  How many people have a clue the world’s population has doubled in just 50 years?  How many people have any idea the impact that so many humans has on the climate, food production and water consumption?  How many people even care to know any of these things?

When a tsunami strikes Asia and kills 500,000 people that should be the biggest news story of the century.  But, because that figure means nothing to most people, the scope of the catastrophe becomes very limited.  The entire continent of Australia could drop into the ocean and most people wouldn’t notice.  Just so long as their backyard doesn’t slide down the hill, they are happy.

I imagine very few people know that there are almost as many people living in the city of Tokyo as live in the state of California.  Even fewer people know that far more people live in the state of California than in the country of Canada.  All most people know about Canada is that it is cold up there and they play hockey. 

We live in a huge world blessed by Almighty God with plenty of natural resources.  But, as the population continues to grow in certain parts of the world, the ability of those countries to provide for their own invariably gets outstripped.  Think of a country such as Bangladesh where over 150 million people are crammed like sardines into a tiny country the size of Illinois.  There is no way to produce enough food and find enough water for everyone.  The inevitable result is political and cultural upheaval.

The country of Sudan in Africa and the state of California in the United States both have a population of about 38 million.  The similarities stop there.  In every conceivable category, there is absolutely no comparison between the two places.  One is so wealthy people can afford to live in small houses costing half a million dollars while the other is so poor, people have no houses to live in at all.  Do too many people in California care about those in the Sudan?  Very few would have a clue where on earth the country is even located.

For those who think this world can keep on going as it has for thousands of years, I think you need a good dose of reality medicine.  At the current growth rate, the world could easily hit 10 billion population within the next few years.  Sooner or later there will not be room, food or water for everyone.  Then the tough choices start, like who is allowed to live and who is deemed a burden to society and not allowed to survive.  Even today these choices have to be made in many impoverished and overpopulated countries.

I can say with full certainty that the poorest soul in the United States would be considered quite wealthy by millions if not billions of people elsewhere in the world.  There are hundreds of thousands of people living on the other side of the border in Mexico who would gladly take the big box your latest plasma television came in off your hands.  They would turn it into a bedroom in their home made of other cardboard boxes.  There are millions of people who would (and do) sell their very body and souls for the opportunity to live in America as a street person begging for daily food.  Why?  Because it would be a better lot than what they now have where they live.

Yes, this long post is nothing more than a biting criticism of the stupidity and selfishness of the immigration debate.  Oh selfish and complacent Americans, your arrogance will be your downfall.  Your greed and lust will sooner or later destroy your beauty and benevolence that made you great.  Who gave you the right to tell those who only want to eat the crumbs that fell off your table of plenty to “Go Home”.  Please, America, wake up and see what you are doing before it is too late.  God HAS blessed America for the purpose of America blessing the world.  When America stops blessing those in need, and when America stops helping the tired and huddled masses; then America will cease to be blessed by God Almighty.


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